Thursday 6 August 2009

'Sea Breeze'

Lampwork Glass BeadsI made this strand of beads with potential pendants in mind. Lots of groovy shapes to play with. Just imagine two rounds with a disc in between, or a round on top of the wide end of the cone. Whoever purchases this set of beads is going to have lots of jewellery-designing fun!

Lampwork Glass BeadsThe colours are very sea-like, hence the name. Teal green teamed with periwinkle, turquoise and touches of purple. Okay, purple's not strictly oceanic but it works!

Lampwork Glass BeadsThe heart was supposed to have random dots. I made the basic shape and added the dots in what I thought was a haphazard manner. It wasn't until I was melting the dots in that I noticed they're in a symmetrical pattern. Oh my brain frustrates me sometimes! It just won't let me do irregular.

Whatever, this is one fun strand of beads and it'll be for sale on my website tonight.


  1. they're gorgeous Laura, I wish I had your dot placement abilities :o)

  2. Beautiful, Laura! And someone has to do symmetrical...because I can't.

  3. Laura the colours in this set are amazing. I love them!


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