Friday, 21 August 2009

Yarn Delivery

Wild Fire Fibres YarnOh how I love it when I answer the door to the postperson and they hand me a pink parcel. Pink parcels mean yarn from Wild Fire Fibres and that's always a good thing!

Look at these beauties - greens, purples, pinks. *Sigh*

I've just finished knitting the toe of the second half of a pair of socks that I'm working on. They're knitted with a WFF yarn in a wonderful mixture of earthy browns and grey blues. I'm hoping I'll have the finished pair to show you by the start of next week. I'm off to Cambridge tonight so I get Train Knitting Time. It's odd knitting in public. People look. Like really look. They're intrigued but they don't say anything. Half of me wishes they would. I like conversations with random strangers but people just don't seem to talk to each other much any more. Especially on the tube. Oh no. It's a mortal sin to speak to strangers on the tube and of course, you must never make eye contact with your fellow passengers either. Humans are odd sometimes .....

Alrighty then, I'm off to do the ironing. Have a good weekend!


Pretty Things said...

OMG, that is some right gorgeous yarn!

Lisapmac said...

Hi Laura,

I too love receiving parcels and I am also teaching myself to knit so I shall be checking out the link to the website you have quoted. I really love the piece of lace knitting you showed on your blog, it was beautiful but I am still learning the basics and am starting with a scarf. I have found lots of very helpful videos on Youtube, whereby you just watch a pair of hands knitting with some commentary, very helpful for a beginner like me.

Best wishes,

Caroline B said...

Parcels of yarn - is there any greater pleasure when the post arrives! Pretty, pretty colours! Going to feed my addiction at the IKnit knitting weekend in London next months...better have some pennies saved!
Having lived & worked in London a long time ago, the reason you never make eye contact on the tube is because, without fail, that will be the time you get the nutter who either wants to convert you to his/her religion or would like you to assist them in the finding of their camel at the bottom of their grubby Harrods carrier bag filled with their collection of MacDonalds wrappers, human hair and nail clippings........always better to be safe than sorry!