Sunday 20 December 2009


December Prize Draw WinnerWell, the Lego Engineer didn't get round to making the Mark 2 Lego Tombola so I had to do the old-fashioned, non-technical names mixed up in a bowl thing and the winner of the December Prize Draw is Celeste. Well done to you, Celeste! Please email me and we'll sort out some glass melting fun for the New Year.

Big huge thanks to all who entered the draw. I really had no idea that so many of you would think that spending time with me and my glass was a good prize!

There will be another draw in January so do check back, bookmark my blog or add yourself as a follower to stay updated .....


  1. Congratulations Celeste,
    I think you are in for a real treat.
    Hope you have a good Christmas Laura.
    Angela x

  2. Oh wow! That's me! Even though I've only met one other Celeste I still had to check the link I was so shocked.
    Thankyou again for a fantastic prize. I shall be emailing you shortly.

  3. Congrats Celeste, you will have a great time with Laura. She is such a good teacher.

    Joy x


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