Friday, 19 February 2010


Lampwork Glass BeadsI created this green colour by layering glasses on top of one another and the result is virtually the same shade of avocado green that our old 1970s bathroom suite used to be. Nice! I like earthy greens as they work well with browns, creams and grey-blues.

When I settled down to make these beads yesterday I was totally relaxed. I'd finished a batch of Cupcake orders and I felt good about making beads! That just assures me that I've done the right thing by ending the Cupcakes.

I'm awaiting the arrival of two glass deliveries at the moment - one from the UK and one from America. The American order contains exciting new glass colours that I can't wait to try. Again, I'm feeling a tiny little bit excited about making beads once more and that's a good thing!


Angela said...

They are a great colour to work with, I agree, Glad to hear you have got your glass bead making 'mojo' back!

jane p said...

I wish I could find this green in fabric!

Caroline B said...

One of my favourite colours & some lovely beads. Glad you are getting back into 'the groove' - I know just how you feel!

Laura Cameron said...

Gorgeous colour - hope you enjoy the new ones too!

Narrative jewelry said...

This colour is just gorgeous ! and the way you played with white is so lovely.
Thanks for sharing.


em.cecile said...

Loved reading everything! =]


angela said...

Laura, these are yummy! so precise and perfect! luv 'em!