Friday 26 February 2010

Wedding Frippery-Faffiness

Lampwork Cupcake BeadsI made these yesterday.

I made even more of these this morning.

Then I promised myself 'normal' beadmaking time after lunch.

Nothing. Normal beadmaking batteries are flat.


Now I'm off to look at houses on the interwebs and then I'm going to flick through a wedding magazine to look for dress ideas as Sally, Robyn and I are going for a wedding dress look-about tomorrow. The wedding isn't until September 24th (yep, that's right - the date is set and the register office is booked) but I need to get a dress sorted soon so we can decide what other colours and things we'd like. Emily and Robyn are being bridesmaids. Em gave me no choice in the matter - she just told me she was being one (I'm totally aware that her six-foot-tallness, gorgeous figure and stunning looks will show me up in any wedding photos but she's my little sis!) and how could I not have Robyn as a bridesmaid? When I asked her she said 'Of course I can do that for you, Auntie Laura!' which I thought was so sweet. I told her that one of the reasons I was asking her because no-one has ever asked me to be a bridesmaid. Good job really, I'd have probably kicked up a right stink about having to wear a dress.

Tell you what though, I can't believe the load of unnecessary wedding-related faffery that exists! I used to make wedding cracker favours yonks ago (fairly unnecessary) and we advertised in a couple of bridal magazines which I only ever glanced at but I seriously cannot believe some of the stuff you can buy for weddings. One thing I saw in my magazine was lavender-filled fabric hearts to hang on the back of the guests' chairs at the reception. Is this in case the guests smell? And at eight quid a piece that would work out at a mighty expensive chair-scenting gesture. Oh, and the price of wedding cakes! I saw a picture of one and I thought 'That's pretty!' and it nonchalantly said £630 next to the photo. What? It's a cake! I'm not a tightwad by any means but that's crazy money. And also how much are tiaras? Not that I would contemplate wearing one (I would look foolish and would feel even sillier) but I saw one priced at £200. Two. Hundred. Pounds.

Thank goodness Chris and I are agreed on a small wedding. All this house mortgage stuff is daunting enough on its own without needing to get another mortgage for the flipping wedding! Having looked at the magazine I am fully aware that I'm a bit of an unconventional bride-to-be (or 'b2b' as all the cool kids are saying) as I don't want any of this frippery-faffiness. All I would like is a nice day getting wed to my fella (or 'h2b', apparently), to spend the day with the people that we love, to wear a nice dress and to have some nice food. And pudding. ;o)


  1. and chocolate? I know just what you mean, my partner's daughter is planning her wedding and small.... well I would hate to see how much planning had to go into a big wedding then! Have fun though planning what you want it to be x

  2. Of course, chocolate! Goes without saying.

    I've discovered that there are so many expectations and assumptions from people when you tell them you're getting married. Getting through to my sisters that I don't want a hen night is proving impossible. Also, there will be no wedding list and people find this fact outrageous!

    I hope your partner's daughter's plans all go well. Best of luck to her! :o)

  3. You are doing it the right way. If I had to do it all over again (which I never will!!!!) I would just elope!

  4. It is amazing the amount of money that people spend on a wedding! We had a small one (under 75 people) and had it in the morning serving brunch and I think we spent something like $13,000.(Sorry I can't translate that into other currencies!)And we didn't have a professional photographer!!So I hear ya. Love Love Love those cupcake beads!!!!So beautiful:D

  5. I don't know if you get the same shows there as here, but you can get them in iTunes and maybe YouTube, but I'm hooked on the idiots at Bridezillas -- they make you laugh and put things in so much perspective!!!

    I hope you have SO much fun with this! It's as it should be!

  6. You must be so excited about the wedding. I just loved mine and would do it all again. Good luck with everything. Bridgezillas is just so funny - hope I dont see you on there one day LOL

  7. I'm going to have to check out this Bridezilla's thing .....

  8. I think your day sounds like it's going to be lovely! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics!

  9. I did not get married until I was 35 so my wedding was non traditional as well. No champagne toast, no wedding cake, etc. Focus on what you enjoy, we wanted a fun party so we had great food and and live music. Its ridiculous at the money spent on weddings, and not putting that money into a home together.

  10. Gardanne - exactly. I'll be 33 when we tie the knot and we're also buying a house this year. It just makes sense to me to put the money into the house.

  11. oh yes! Don't forget pudding! ;o)

    Isn't it amazing how the "business" of weddings has become bigger than getting wed itself!

    Your day will be just perfect for the two of you and the money you save on anything lavish and outrageous will be well spent on a beautiful house with the perfect studio included! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  12. I married my Mr Smith 27 years ago next month, I was still a student and we had very little money, we were blessed with wonderful friends and family who gifted pretty much everything for the wedding, one did my hair and make up one made the cake one made my dress and the bridesmaids dresses, one did the photography, one hired the wedding car and chauferred it for the day, one did the flowers, we were even loaned a car for the honeymoon.

  13. Yes Laura weddings do cost a small fortune, I was lucky enough that my anutie made wedding cakes so that was my gift from her, now a days loads of people have cupcakes, but i know that you are feed up with the sight of cupcakes but just make them as favours for everyone (ha) happy dress hunting,x

  14. That's really nice, Angela. :o)

    Eve - all I know is that our wedding ISN'T going to cost a small fortune. When I say 'small wedding' I mean about fifteen to twenty guests. And yes, I am sick of the sight of flipping cupcakes so no, there will be none of those!

  15. Hi Laura
    Congratulations on setting the date. I got married when I was 39 and didn't want a big fancy church do, so it was the register office for me. Looking at cakes as you say was so expensive and one shop I looked at is actually in scarborough (I found it once we moved here. Any how I ended up getting mine from M&S. At the time it was buy 3 layers and you got the 4th free, it was lovely and I just had some flowers the same as my wedding flowers on top. :o)

    Will you be making your own jewellery?

  16. Virginina - and I bet the cake was lovely!

    No, I will not be making any jewellery. In fact, I think the only jewellery I'll wear will be earrings and a silver bracelet.

    Laura x


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