Sunday 14 February 2010

An Official Chocolate Day

Valentine's Day ChocolatesThere are four days of the year when it's perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for your breakfast. Those times are your birthday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Valentine's Day. I have been known to eat chocolate for breakfast on other days but we won't talk about that .....

So first thing this morning I revelled in the fact that's it's an Official Chocolate Day and I broke open a beautiful box of
Hotel Chocolat loveliness that my fantastic fiancé sent me for Valentine's Day. The chocolates are so pretty - there's lots of pink and dashes of red and they are utterly delicious. Thank you, Mister G!


  1. Mmm they look lovely! Lucky lady. x

  2. There ought to be a law against bloggers posting delicious, drool inducing chocolates. Too cruel!:D

  3. Are there any left? Dribble......

  4. Yummy!

    My hubby bought me a coaster that says "Chocolate is the answer... I don't care what the question is" but he didn't buy me chocies. What's that about then?


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