Thursday 4 February 2010


Lampwork Glass Frit BeadsI'm lucky that I'm able to blog tonight. This morning my laptop threw a wobbler (another one) and Dad has spent most of the day formatting it and sorting it out for me. Since Dad completed his sterling IT work I've suddenly gained another eight gigabytes and the laptop is going like greased lightning now!

I'm posting pictures of beads that already have a home again but I thought you might like to see them. They're less-is-more beads. Seafoam green and orchid pink frit on an opaque base, cased with transparent glass for depth and sparkle. Simple prettiness.

I'm off to work on my socks now. I've got two pairs on the go - whoops there goes one of my New Year's resolutions. I said to myself that this year I would knit one pair of socks at at time. Thing is, the other pair are hideously boring and are knitted in a single colour yarn - yawn - so it's no wonder I've got a lacy-cabled pair on the go too!


  1. lovely beads - and good luck with the socks - I tend to crochet one and not do the other - pointless!

  2. Those are soooo pretty! Love the fresh spring colors:)

  3. I just found your blog today. I love beads and hope to be able to make them too one day. My name is Laura to btw.

    Anyway, these beads are gorgeous!


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