Monday, 7 June 2010

Beads & Boxes

Etched Lampwork Glass BeadsI got up and started work early this morning so I could fit in beadmaking and box packing today. The day started well but then I noticed my stringer going all fuzzy on my bead and I realised that I'd run out of propane. Annoying. I'll have to go and get a refill in the morning.

So most of my day has been spent sorting stuff out and packing it away for the move on Friday. I'm getting there slowly - my bedroom is done, there are boxes in the loft that I never unpacked from the last move, my huge collection of CDs is now on my iPod and all the actual CDs are boxed up (in alphabetical order!), my books are all packed and now there's really just the not-so-small matter of my beadmaking setup to dismantle. I think I'll leave that until Thursday.

Anyway, my mind's a bit scatty at the moment and I don't know when I'll have beads for sale next. It will be sometime this week so do check here and on my website homepage for news.


Studio Sylvia said...

Love the colours of these beads. Good luck with the move.

Sue Doran said...

What happens at the other end? Do you have a space ready to move the studio bits into at the new house or will there be a delay whilst you put up a shed ready to be turned into the new bead central?

Anonymous said...

The colours are fresh and very cool...i wish you all the best for the move.

Hugs from Frankfurt

Fiona said...

Your beads are so beautiful. One day I will get to your site in time to buy some.

Jo said...

GOod luck with the move Laura!
We keep thinking that we need more room, but I dread the thought of packing everything up for a move!

Mel P said...

How exciting, happy moving day for Friday XXXX

Laura said...

Thanks for all the bead compliments and best wishes re the move!

Sue - nope, there will be a delay while we sort out the new shed.

Laura x

Andrew Thornton said...

Lovely beads!

Good luck moving. I hate moving! Seems like I do it far too often and each time, I'm pretty sure a little bit of my soul dies.

So, here's hoping for a smooth and easy move for you! May the tape always hold fast and true, may the weather stay nice and sunny, and may your boxes never crumble or get wet and mushy.

Good luck!