Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More 'Ice Cream'

I told you that these 'Ice Cream' beads were my favourites from the last batch of beads I had for sale. Judging by the emails I got regarding them a lot of you seemed to like them too so I have made two more sets.

Pale pink, green, cream and blue beads encased in crystal clear and decorated with spots. The spacers are etched to a soft matt finish and this seems to have made them look edible - like the little sweets you get on candy bracelets and necklaces.


Number of Beads : 29
Size : Spotty beads are 13mm, spacers are 9mm
Price including worldwide postage : £70.00


Sara said...

Dulces y femeninas, que lindas!!!

Jelveh Designs said...

yummy beads as always...did you see my new guinea pig, he is so so so cute...
congrats on the new digs...

Joy Funnell said...

These are lovely. I was REALLY tempted!! They remind me of sugared almonds :) My beads arrived today and they are gorgeous though. One style at a time!!!

Thank you

Joy x