Friday, 4 June 2010

Bracelets by Joy & Debra

'Tutti Frutti' bracelet by Joy FunnellJoy Funnell made the fabulous 'Tutti Frutti' bracelet above. Isn't it just so bright and cheerful? Joy has used lots of my beads, Murano glass and Swarovski crystals. Yum!

'Dusky Dream' bracelet by Joy FunnellThe 'Dusky Dream' bracelet above is another Joy Funnell creation and I just love it. Pinks and purples teamed with Joy's wonderful silver work. Perfection. Please hop on over to Joy's website and also why not have a read of her blog too?

And here's another super-pretty charm bracelet. This berry-coloured beauty was made by Debra Farrell of
Magical Creations. Debra has used a variety of my beads along with Murano glass, shell beads and Swarovski crystals.

'Berry' bracelet by Debra FarrellThis 'Berry' bracelet and matching earrings are available over in Debra's online shop. Debra has also just started blogging - please click here to have a read.

There are a few hours left for you to enter
my Lonelies draw if you haven't already done so. The draw closes at 7.00pm (UK time) tonight and then I shall be drawing a winner. Thank you to everybody who has entered so far. I've loved reading your comments and visiting various blogs. One of you even decided to write a poem about my beads and I thought I'd publish it here on my blog :

An Ode To Lonelies by Ellie Pep

A string of beads we are, we are,
On this lovely blog you'll see...
We're looking for a brand new home
Where we'll make someone very happy.
Known simply as the "lonelies"
We're special, every one!
We're looking for a brand new home where we can have some fun!
Now we've had a conversation,
We've really thought this through
So listen to us Laura
For we'll share it now with you...
We've heard about a lovely place,
It really sounds like heaven.
We'd like to go there on June the 4th...
We'd like to live in Devon!!

Thanks Ellie. I'm honoured - I think that's the first time anyone has ever written a poem about my beads!

Please check back later tonight to see who is going to win those Lonelies .....


Aiya said...

Haha!! oh i think everyone should agree to let ellie have the beads :) x

silver niknats said...

Love the braclets and the poems fantastic!

Fiona said...

Those bracelets are too tempting. I daren't go and have a closer look. Stop tempting us!

Joy Funnell said...

Thanks Laura. I just love creating with your beads. They are so beautiful to work with.