Monday 9 August 2010

Just a little update

Hello beadpeople. I've been a bit quiet, haven't I? It's been over a week since I last blogged.

I was in Oxford on Thursday and Friday - I went to see my grandfather (Mum's dad) who is known as 'Herbie'. His name is Herbert and when I was a child I started calling him Herbie. I was Nannie and Herbie's first grandchild and all the other family and grandchildren followed suit and before long everybody started calling him Herbie and it just stuck. Anyway, I went to visit Herbie as he is very ill. I also saw Dad, Sally, Emily and Robyn and Dylan (my niece and nephew) so that was nice. It was also great to see Buster again. I do miss him.
Etched Lampwork Glass Beads

Because of said family things going on last week I found it a bit hard to concentrate on my beads. I've just put some etched midnight blue beads in my Etsy shop and I'll try and add some more beads later on today.

I've been reading all about the wonders of gardening. We have two gardens that need some prettying up so I bought myself a copy of Alan Titchmarsh's 'The Complete How To Be A Gardener' which is an amazing book! I have learned a heck of a lot already just from dipping in and out of various chapters.

Installing the composterA few weeks back I ordered a composter for the garden and it arrived last week. Chris and I cleared a space for it and installed it on Saturday but not before Chris had hidden inside it. Unfortunately I ruined his joke as I saw him climbing into the composter before he could jump out and surprise me!

Chris in the compost binIn knitting news, I do have a project on the needles. It's a multi-coloured scarf made out of all my oddments of sock yarn. Sounds horrible but it's actually looking really nice. Hang on, I'll take a picture .....

Hand knitted scarf made form sock yarn scrapsThere you go. It will eventually lose the bright pink edge as that is just a provisional cast on. The scarf is knitted along the long edge. The pattern I'm using is a very simple slip stitch pattern which produces a flat, almost woven-looking fabric. More details about the pattern can be found here.

And finally, if you're a Twitter user you may be interested to know that I've re-signed up to the service. I used it for about three weeks a while back but stopped using it. I thought that I'd rejoin so I can keep you updated with Etsy listings and also because I was missing Peter Serafinowicz's witty tweets. My username is beadsbylaura (surprsing, huh?) so do follow me if you feel like it. There's a Twitter link over there on the right hand side of my blog.

That's enough of my waffle for now - I'm off down to the shed to make beads .....


  1. hey gorgeous! nice to have you back! loving the new-look blog ;o)

    Sunflowers look AMAZING!!

    Hope your day's productive....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. beads are looking lovely as usual. hope Herbie is feeling better soon xx

  3. I was just about to e-mail to find out if you were OK. Enjoyed this update but very sorry to hear about Herbie; hope he feels better soon.

    The new look is very tasteful! The new banner reminds me of lovely strawberries :-)

    I do have a Twitter account, when I saw the Twitter logo on your blog, I clicked to follow you and was informed I hadn't been active for ten months! I just don't "get" Twitter, I'm afraid.

    Hope today's beads went well.


  4. I love the colours of your knitting :)

    Sarah @


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