Thursday, 19 August 2010

Last night's beads

Last night was so busy! I can't believe what I managed to cram into the space of about four hours :
  • Unpacked the Tesco delivery
  • Washed hair
  • Got dinner ready
  • Cleaned beads while dinner was cooking
  • Photographed beads
  • Ate dinner
  • Listed beads on website
  • Sold beads
  • Gave the guinea pigs their dinner
  • Did the washing up
  • Wrote out all the prize draw names
  • Did the prize draw and wrote resulting blog post
  • Listed some beads on Etsy
  • Sold the Etsy beads
And then I eventually sat down for the night. Anyway, in case you're interested the beads I sold last night included those 'Berry Gems' ones up there and the 'Purple Roly Poly' lentils pictured below :
Lampwork Glass Roly Poly BeadsI left these lentils smooth - no enamel or frit on the surface. It's been ages since I made Roly Poly beads so it made a nice change.

See you later!


Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

those beads are beautiful :)

love guniea pigs - I miss mine :)

ogidni said...

Congratulations Fairly Girly ... looks like you are on a winning streak!

Thank you Laura, I just love looking at the pictures of your beads ... totally inspiring!

Indigo :-)

hello gorgeous said...

O to the M to the G!!
my heart melted on seeing the roly poly purple gorgeous-NESS!!!!

I WANT THESE....but I guess you've sold them :o(

I want to know, EXACTLY WHEN, you will be making more of these babies....and at what time you will be listing them so I can be first in the queue!! hahaha!

Here's to the glass queen! ;oO


hello gorgeous xxx

Laura said...

Thanks everyone!

Sue - I will be making more but I need to order some more lavender glass first. I'll give you a heads-up when there are Roly Polys in the pipeline!

Laura x

Inkey Pingers said...

Oooh I agree with hello gorgeous! These are amazing, just one thing are you posting them randomly or at 8pm Wed? I'm in the US so I think I'm sleeping when you posted these :o( Just wondering so I can be watching. I keep missing them being posted somehow and would love to have a chance at getting some of these beautiful beads!


Helga Hansen said...

Looks like there's a long queue forming for those purple beauties, Laura!! We all know class when we see it! x :)

Anonymous said...

Both sets are the roly poly set.

Cazzphil said...

Laura, I look forward to your posts and love your work. Your videos are clear and easy to follow. As a new flameworker, (I learnt in Canada on the 2nd January) I have set up at home here in Oz and rely on books and the net for instruction. Have silver wire on hand and inspired by the vision of ink and silver, spent yesterday playing with it. Keep up your lovely work.

Laura said...

Cheers everyone - love reading your comments!

Inkey - I put small sets, focals and Lonelies in my Etsy shop whenever the mood takes me but larger sets such as the ones in this post are available on Wednesday nights at 8.00pm (UK time) on the Freshly Baked Beads page of my website.

Cazzphil - thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you like the videos. :o)

Laura x

hello gorgeous said...

cheers gorgeous ;o) x

Sue Doran said...

Naked roly polys?! Whatever next; I'm shocked! :-)