Sunday 22 August 2010

Key Bead

Lampwork Glass Key BeadOn Twitter the other night I exchanged a few tweets with Helga Hansen about key beads and it struck me that I haven't made any for ages.
So this morning I got up early and set about finding where I'd put my antique Victorian keys - things still aren't totally unpacked from the move, you see. I eventually located them and set to work.
Lampwork Glass Key BeadI make my key beads with the Jelveh Designs Key Mandrel which is a fab little thing. Jelveh kindly gifted me a couple of her Key Mandrels and I can't speak highly enough of them.

Lampwork Glass Key BeadIt's fun tracking down keys to make the beads on. I buy most of mine on eBay. It's always interesting to work out what type of bead will work with whatever key you're using. This black and white spotty one needed to be a thin bead due to the ridges on the shank and also because of the 'bit' - I had to go careful working around it. This one also has a nice bow (the loop at the top of the key) and I think the simple smooth lines of the key work well with the simple design of the bead. I didn't use any bead release for this bead so it's fixed on the key and doesn't move.

Lampwork Glass Key BeadThe other key bead I made today is slightly more ornate - I will show you that one tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and also cheers to everyone who has commented about my website revamp. Much appreciated.
Have a lovely Sunday evening!


  1. Just managed to crawl from my bed (am a bit poorly today) and see your tweet... very pretty, and I'm extremely intrigued on how it gets done!

    Nice to know I can be an inspiration to others ;^) x

  2. I saw my first key bead six years ago and promptly fell in love. It's probably going to take ANOTHER six years before I am talented enough to make one! So I'll live vicariously through you!

  3. Brilliant, come on, how's it done??

  4. the keys are awesome, thanks for the kind words too...miss you much


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