Friday, 27 August 2010

'Purple Passion' Bracelet by Janine Byrom

Handmade lampwork and sterling silver bracelet by Janine ByromIsn't this bracelet just wonderful? It features a selection of my beads and was made by the very talented Janine of Cherished Trinkets. If you fancy treating yourself to this gorgeous bracelet it is available here.
Janine is known for her Alice In Wonderland jewellery and she has just started selling her handmade Alice charms so that other people can create Alice-themed jewellery too.
Alice In Wonderland charms handmade by Janine ByromIf you get a chance do go and have a browse around Janine's webshop or have a read of her blog.
Have you made jewellery with my beads? I send beads off to new homes all over the world but get to see very few photos of how they end up being used. If you have got some photographs of work featuring my lampwork please do email them to me. I'd love to have a look!


Fiona said...

If I could ever lay my hands on any of your fabulous beads I'd make them into jewellery , for sure!!

sigrid said...

That is absolutely beautiful especially as purple is one of my favourite colours. I'm going to ask a friend of mine who is a jewellry designer to help me use the beads I purchased from you the other day.

Pretty Things said...

Oh that's so pretty!

Helga Hansen said...

That is a rather lovely bracelet.

At the moment I am still playing with thoughts in my head as to how I am going to use my purple beads - and of course I have my new key to think about... definitely will remember to send you photos once I've done something decent with them! x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Thanks so much for posting about me and my site Laura! Typically I have woken up today to find that I'm having 'Band width issues' and my hosting company has suspended my site until I can get my site transferred to another account. Why they didn't warn me I dont know! But Hey Ho. I am still making jewellery though so please check back in a few days when hopefully it will all be sorted!

P.S Love my beautiful key beads that arrived today! xxx

Sue Doran said...

It is indeed a lovely bracelet, Janine makes beautiful jewellery.