Monday, 6 May 2013

A parliament of owls

Lampwork glass owl beads

Yup, a 'parliament'. That is the collective noun for a group of owls. Personally, I prefer a 'wise' or a 'hoot' but there you go. I don't make the rules, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, yes, owls. Look at them! Six of them. Half a dozen little chestnut-coloured wit-woos waiting for new homes.

At only 13mm tall they would be great for charms, dangles and pendants. Because they are handmade each one is ever-so-slightly different. They might have different sized beaks and ear tufts and varying levels of staring intensity, but I guarantee you that your owl will be downright lovely.

Lampwork glass owl bead

If you fancy rehoming one (or more) of my owls, they are £9.00 each and are available over in my bead shop.

Thank you to everyone who has liked my Facebook page so far. I'm still finding my way about the place over there. It's a whole new language but I think I'm muddling through okay.

I've added a Droplets Bracelet ordering page to my bead shop, should you want to purchase a bracelet similar to the one I blogged yesterday.

Hasn't it been a gorgeous day? I know, right? A Bank Holiday Monday and sunshine? What is this witchcraft?! Chris and I had our first barbecue of the year earlier and we even got the patio table and chairs out for the occasion.

I hope you've had a lovely day and that it's been sunshining in your part of the world too.

See you later,


Viv said...

They look so lovely Laura, I can imagine their eyes following you around the room too he he :) Viv xx

Tracy said...

Those are ADORABLE!! I have no idea how you make those and make them so perfect at that!!