Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Shop updates and Pinterest

Lampwork glass beads

I've been as busy as a busy thing today. I still am. I'm just having a quick blogging break to show you these 'Banana & Strawberry' beads that I've just put in the shop. They remind me of milkshake. Such happy beads.

Lampwork glass owl pendant

I've made more owl beads and I've also made a couple of owl pendants and those are over in the bead shop too.

I'm really yawny. That's probably because I was up until 1:30am looking at Pinterest. You know how the other day I said that I just didn't 'get' Pinterest? Yeah, well I'm eating those words and I now I do get Pinterest. The place is addictive! So many beautiful, ingenious and wonderful things to look at. My username over there is beadsbylaura, if you fancy following or whatever.

Right, I must get on with bead stuff. I have orders to pack up and a newsletter to write.

Don't forget to enter my owl bead giveaway, if you've not done so already.

Happy Wednesday night,