Saturday, 25 May 2013

Been beady busy

Lampwork glass bead bracelet

I've been busy in the old shed-o-beads, although I couldn't manage a full day today as I've done something to my arm. I don't know what's wrong with it but my left arm is so painful. I can't lift it very high and I can't reach behind me. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.

Anyway, enough about my arm; I've got beadiness to show you! First up is the 'Triple Chocolate' bracelet at the top of this post. It's a rattly bracelet loaded with dark, milk and white chocolate coloured beads and it is full of shimmy and shine.The bracelet is priced at £35.00 and is available over in my bead shop.

Lampwork glass bead bracelet

Next is this green, white and ivory 'Blossom' Droplets bracelet which was inspired by the tree that I look out at whilst I do the washing up. The bracelet is £28.00 and is also for sale in the shop.

And finally some loose spotty beads.

Lampwork glass beads

These 'Blackcurrant & Vanilla' ones ...

Lampwork glass beads

... and these 'Aqua' ones are £18.50 per strand and can be found - yeah, you guessed it - in the shop.

Beadiness shared. Mission accomplished. That's all from me.

Enjoy your Saturday night!