Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm A Little Teapot

Lampwork glass teapot charms and pendants

Well, I'm not personally, but these little trinkets definitely are. Sweet little beady teapots are now available in my shop.

Lampwork glass teapot charm and pendant

Each teapot costs £6.50 and you can choose if you'd like your teapot as a charm with a lobster clasp for attaching to a bracelet or as a pendant with a bail ready for you to slip onto a chain.

I'll be adding more teapot colours and designs shortly. I'll keep you posted.

Lampwork glass stretch bracelet

I've also been making Droplets bracelets, all featuring purple. The 'Berry & Amber' one above ...

Lampwork glass stretch bracelet

... and this 'Groovy' one were custom orders ...

Lampwork glass stretch bracelet

... but this 'Thistle' one made in shades of green and purple is available over in the shop.

Well, this post is all about the ... ellipsis, isn't it?

Right, that's blogging, Facebooking, Pinteresting and tweeting done. I just need to Flickr, compose a newsletter and ... make some beads.

I'm already exhausted and it's only midday!

I'll be back later to draw the winner of the bead giveaway.

Have a great afternoon!

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Irit said...

The Groovy one is awesome! <3