Saturday, 27 February 2016

New things to show you

Lampwork glass 'I am Groot' necklace by Laura Sparling

Good morning! I've been up since six o'clock attending to bead business. This bead business should have been attended to last night but I got all behind because we had to take a trip to Tesco for some guinea pig food as the food I'd bought for Ruth earlier in the day contained peanuts and sunflower seeds. You can't give peanuts and sunflower seeds to a guinea pig! So yes, we ventured out to Big Tesco because we know how to party on a Friday night. I went wild and got salted caramel and vanilla custard Muller Rice whilst I was there. PARTY! Oh, and Ruth got her proper guinea pig food.

Anyway, the Tesco trip meant I only had time to make one necklace last night and that was the 'I am Groot' one above. I have a little dancing baby Groot on my workbench in my shed and the new CiM Toto glass is the exact same colour as him so I just had to have a go at making a Groot bead. (If you have no idea who Groot is, he's from Guardians of the Galaxy.) The necklace sold last night and I can't make any more until I can get hold of more Toto glass.

The getting-up-early-today thing was so I could turn these beads...

Lampwork glass beads made in Creation is Messy Ecru, Allspice and Toto

... into this bracelet:

Lampwork glass and copper 'Irish Coffee' Garland bracelet by Laura Sparling

This one is called 'Irish Coffee' and it's in my shop. Again, there's only one right now as the beads are made with brand new glass that isn't yet available to buy.

Have a super duper Saturday!