Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nothing particularly fancy

Lampwork glass heart charm bracelet by Laura Sparling

Sometimes I'm not in the mood or the right frame of mind to make complex beads with fancy layers and stringer and dots and stuff. Sometimes I end up making simple beads that just show off the prettiness of the glass. Yesterday was a beadmaking day like that. I fully intended to make beads with stringerwork on them and I sat and pulled quite a lot of black stringer and set to work, but my hands and brain were having some kind of communication problem. Instead of stropping out of the shed, stomping back up to the house and throwing myself onto the sofa in a mood to watch Countdown and that awful game show based on the pushy-pushy coin machines in amusement arcades, I pushed my heap of black stringer aside and made some simple hearts and spacers.

Late last night I turned some of the beads into the bracelet pictured above. The findings are silver plated because I haven't got enough sterling silver bits and bobs in stock. I took that photo early this morning and it was proper chilly out there. Got a right icy blast up my dressing gown, I did. I'm just about to photograph the bracelet properly (inside, in the warm) and it'll be for sale later today.

Lampwork glass heart bead and spacers by Laura Sparling

I had one larger heart bead and half a dozen spacers left over and those are in my shop now. They're made in CiM Aegean which is one of my most favourite glass colours in the world.

Maybe today will be a stringer day. Only one way to find out...