Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I'm Auntie Laura all over again!

My sister had her baby in the early hours of this morning and it's a little boy! Even though I had the feeling it was going to be a boy all the way through Sally's pregnancy it's still a bit of a shock. What with my sisters Sally and Emily and my niece Robyn I'm a bit used to dealing with girl babies so having a nephew is going to be a real change!

The baby doesn't have a name yet, bless him. Robyn seems very pleased with her new brother and he seems very content and quiet... at the moment!

The photo above is me with my new nephew (he needs a name!) and Robyn.


Beverley Abbott said...

Oh Laura thats just fantastic news - I am so thrilled for you all! and a big well done for your sister!

Have loads of fun with your new boy.

love bev xx

Jo said...

Oh congratulations! That's wonderful news. Jo x

Jewellery Craft said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, how lovely!!! Congratulations auntie Laura, great news!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Auntie Laura, he looks like a little doll. Kerryn xx

Manda said...

Laura - congratulations what lovely news everyone must be delighted love to you all !


the art of curiosity said...

What a wonderful way to start the month :-) Please send my best wishes & congratulations to Sally, Paul, Granadad & yourself - I guess you'll need a mirror for the latter:-)

Give Robyn & big hug & my love - what a beautiful sister to have :-)

Finally, good luck! I hope all goes swimmingly over the next few weeks.

With much love,

Jennifer xox

Siana said...

Congratulations Laura!

The main difference between girl babies and boy babies is the nappy change.....point it down! Also when he gets cold he'll go again so don't take the nappy away till he's done...i've learnt the hard way at work on postnatal!

Enjoy him xx

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Wonderful news Laura hope you all have fun with your lovely new addition!

Love to you all!

Janine xx

Laura said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! And for your good advice, Siana! ;o)

Laura x

Izzy said...

Aww, he's beautiful!!Boys are fun too! If mine is anything to go by, they're much more placid and content. Enjoy him - you lucky thing!

Caroline B said...

Congratulations all round! He looks gorgeous! I'll second the advice re nappy changes - it goes a long way if you're not careful!

Sue Doran said...

Congratulations on being an auntie again and to your sister's family!

Are you having a competition for naming the baby?! ;-) Probably best not ...

Beth said...

What a lovely pic Laura! Big congrats to all your family and especially your sister who did all the hard work! Your mum is looking down, proud as anything xxb

Veryan said...

What super news for you, lots of people were busy 9 month ago! Your sisters arrival is the third I have heard of this week.
Enjoy him whilst he is little, they grow up so quickly.

Laura said...

Aw - thanks everyone!

No Sue, no naming contest! I hope Sally and Paul hurry up and give him a name soon, though.

Laura x

callula said...

Ah how lovely! Congratulations on your new little nephew!

Joanne x

Catherine said...

Congratulations Laura! He looks so cute and cuddly!! Boys are great - you always know exactly where you stand with them!

Catherine xx