Wednesday, 9 April 2008

So Fugly!

These are quite possibly the fugliest beads I've ever made.

I hate them with a burning passion.

I hated them as I was making them. I don't know why I carried on.

Maybe I thought they'd magically metamorphose into beautiful beads after annealing.

But no.

I opened the kiln and they were still horrible.

I don't even particularly like this shade of blue so goodness knows why I even used it.

I thought maybe I'd warm to the beads once they were cleaned and strung.

Didn't happen.

One last ditch attempt - a photo. Maybe they'd look good in a photo? Like some of those scrag-ugly models who look awful in real life but are totally stunning in a photograph.


I detest these beads so much that I put them in the bin.

Then I took them out.

One woman's fugly beads are another woman's ideal beads. Or man's. Didn't mean to be sexist there. It's just I've only ever sold beads to three men in my whole entire beadmaking life.

So, here they are. Do you like them?

If you do, post in my comments section and tell me why. Then I'll pick someone's reason for liking them sometime tomorrow morning and that (un)lucky person gets them. Free.

And then I'll be free of these fugly beads!


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Hi Laura, I love the 'Fugly' beads because they have a certain charm about them..... they are quite funky and besides that I really like that particular shade of blue! The poor things must be feeling dreadful after you've put them in the bin... I can give them a new, comfortable, loving home with some more adorable bead friends for company and they'll all live happily ever after! :)

Janine xxx

mizgeorge said...

Well I think I rather like them. In a rather disturbing way, they remind me very strongly of a dream about blueberry jelly that I had coming out of an anaesthetic a couple of weeks ago. So much so, I may have to go and make jelly now. It's either that or get some more morphine.....
george :)

Mary said...

Oh Laura! What you lampworkers define as "fugly" is so different to what we see. I understand how you feel because there are times I make a piece of jewellery and I hate it from start to finish. Sometimes a piece hates me back as beads throw themselves on the floor, crimps refuse to work and clasps come undone. I tell you these things are alive! But this is a different sorry tale.

Why do I like your beads? And I DO like them rather a lot. The colour is so clear and true. I love their shape. As I've told you before, I just love lentils. I can almost feel my fingers running over their smooth surface. I like their dots (or are they spots). To me they look very funky and loveable! I bet you'll look at them differently tomorrow morning!

Mandy said...

Hi Laura, I am 10 years old, YOU CAN"T THROW THESE BEADS AWAY!!! they are so 'Flovely". I thought Mum was having a joke when she told me. Blue is my absolute favorite colour and the spots make them look soooo funky. I love them. I've got my fingers crossed.

love Lydia

PS I think ALL your beads are lovely.

Gemheaven said...

OH they are beautiful - now I'm on a bead ban as you know (:'( ) but I would buy these beads - they are soooooooooooooooo me! I'm having a thing about spots on beads at the moment tooo!!

Veryan said...

Hi Laura,
Don't put yourself down, they are lovely and as per normal for you of fantastic quality. I think the blue is a stunning colour and the spots give them a kind of funky modern retro or "metro" feel. Have you ever tried putting beads you aren't so keen on up for sale and let they buyers money do the talking? I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

Laura said...

I seriously can't see all these things that you're seeing in these beads! I think I must have BDD - Bead Dysmorphic Disorder.

Lydia - I love the word 'flovely'! I'll be using that in the future .....

Veryan - normally I like the beads I make (oooh, how narcissistic of me!) so I don't usually have this dilemma.

Thank you for all the lovely comments!

Keep your reasons coming .....

Laura x

Jo Sacker said...

Oh Laura, I must disagree, I have to say these are fab beads again - as your blog page opened and the picture was the first thing I saw I thought WOW she's done it again (chaotic fusion styleee!)- beautiful - blue, good, lentils, good, retro spots, good - all combine to make a very funky set that I would actually have to keep all for myself if I won them!!
I truly love these beads - I think you will be surprised at requests for re-makes and other colours, or spare lonelies ;) - just one for me to keep as a pet would be good...I LOVE THEM

Jo Sacker said...

Can we all share them? seen as how I'm guessing that these will be the only set you you think you would like them any more in purple?

Pippa said...

Oh I don't know - I'm also quite taken with these. They remind me of a dress that my nan used to wear - very 1970's.
Fab beads - just wrong decade...

Pippa ;)

Caroline B said...

No, not fugly, not at all! They take me back to my youth (not telling you when..but think 'Life on Mars') and the ghastly dresses my mum used to make for me when all my friends were wearing jeans - I'd kill for some of that fabric now! I'd make a necklace for me with them and revel in memories!!

Becky said...

I think they are fab Laura, because they remind me of a picture i saw a while ago of a blue moon crater. As you say one person's fuglys are great to someone else and blue is one of my favorite-ist colours :)

Catherine said...

I love them! They've definitely got the beginnings of a Melanie Mortel bead about them. You're certainly not a tit where these bead are concerned! You would have been had you chucked them away. (Sorry if I've gone too far. Your last blog really made me laugh. I'll shut my big fat fugly gob!!)

Jewellery Craft said...

Arrrrrrrrrrh, poor sweet lil fugly beads, how could you have put them in the bin? I'll save them and give them a nice comfy beady home where they will be happy and loved, coz I do love em, love the colour, a beautiful shade of blue, oh, how I long for blue skies and warm weather!


National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beads

Laura said...

Jo, they could be purple and glittery presented to me in a velvet-lined box by Ewan McGregor and I still wouldn't like them!

Lots of you seem to be liking their retro-ness.

Catherine - Ha! That's an insult to Melanie Moertel! ;o)

I think what I hate about them is how far away they are from what I set out to make. If I can engineer them to be like the beads in my head I'll be very pleased. But until that happens these are just fuglies to me .....

Laura x

Siana said...

Laura I love them!

I can't explain why I love them, I just do. They kinda jumped out at me and made me go oooooooooh!

Siana x