Thursday 24 April 2008


I haven't etched any beads for a while so I thought I'd make some to do just that with. Light brown and periwinkle. Quite chic.

I had a slight mishap the other day. I was making some frit beads and as I was unscrewing the lid off a jar of frit I sneezed. I didn't even feel the sneeze coming on - it just happened! I jumped and threw the entire jar of frit all over myself, my workbench and the floor. That was a lot of fun to clean up!


  1. That happened to me quite recently but it wasn't a sneeze - my dog barked unexpectedly (probably at a cat walking by the window) at just the wrong moment!

    Completely off topic, Laura, but are you going to do any of the pleated beads for sale (photo on your home page) - or have I missed them?!

  2. Annoying, isn't it? The frit was one of my faves too.

    Pleats. Those two on my homepage are mine because I love them and am so proud of them! But yes - once I get a better success rate with making them I'll be selling them.

    Laura x


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