Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Design

These olive-shaped beads feature a new design from me. They're decorated with lots of intricate stringerwork in the form of scrolls and lines. Quite ornate, methinks. I'm calling them my 'Rococo' beads. These seemed pretty popular tonight so if you missed out, fear not. I have many colour ideas for these whizzing about in the bead department of my brain .....

I've been having fun with Nintendo Wii Fit this weekend! I say fun, but in actual fact I'm starting to detest my virtual 'personal trainer' with quite a fierce intensity. I'm calling him Dirk but most of the time he gets called much more unsavoury names. I was doing the yoga exercise where I had to balance on one leg like a flamingo with my hands up in the air. I fell off the Wii balance board and Dirk said to me 'I see you're taking a break!'. The cheeky bugger. But Dirk's witty comments aside, Wii Fit is very clever and really entertaining!


Izzy said...

OMG, they are so beautiful!! The shape and the colours are just perfect together.

BeadyPool said...

I fell in love with these last night, especially the lovely purple ones, yummy. Really beautiful and unusual shape.

Caroline B said...

Very classy, like these a lot.

Laura said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. :o)

Ali P said...

Hi Laura,
Please keep letting us know how its going with 'Dirk', my other half is threatening to go halves with me on a wii fit (I've got to do something to get in shape!)
Btw lovely new bead design ;)

Laura said...

Hi Ali

Wii Fit is great! I love the jogging and the hula-hooping. The yoga's really good too ..... when Dirk keeps his comments to himself!

I'm trying to lose a bit of weight and the Wii makes it more fun. It works too!

Laura x

Tina said...

Probably too much information, but I nearly wii'd myself with laughter when I read your comment. I know the pose that you are talking about and I could never do it without wobbling.

Beautiful beads, when they are etched they look like brushed suede. Fantastic shape.

Love Tina

Laura said...

Ha! Yes - it's quite tricky, isn't it?!

Thanks Tina :o)

Laura x