Friday, 18 April 2008

Off to the Flame Off!

I'm heading up Towcester-way tonight ready for tomorrow's Flame Off.

I've spent my last couple of beadmaking days in the shed 'rehearsing' what I'm actually going to do and say during my demonstrations. It's actually really tricky to describe how I get those lines and squiggles on my beads. I'm hoping that my stringer-applying actions will speak a little bit louder than words.

If you're coming along to the Flame Off tomorrow make sure you come up and say hello!

Oh, and here's a fun link for you. I spent ages (too long, in fact) playing with this! Just click or drag your mouse anywhere on the page.


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Laura have a great time and good luck. Mark and Me wont be able to make it as his Mum is coming to visit, but we hope it all goes well for you!

Janine and Mark xx

Laura said...

Thanks Janine & Mark!

Shame you won't be there. I'm sure there'll be lots of photos, though.

Laura x

Caroline B said...! Have fun at the Flame Off, I'm sure you'll be great!

Anonymous said...

hi Laura, i just stumbled across your blog and !!!!??!!!! i cant believe i didnt know anything about lampwork beads until now. your beads are soooo beautiful and its such a joy to see such loveliness! (yes even your so called fuglies are so wonderfully appealing!) feel so happy just looking at your pix. = ) (silly cheezy grin) = )
keep up the great stuff!

Laura said...

Thanks Caroline!

And thank you, M! It's very nice to know that my beads have made you smile! :o)

Laura x

callula said...

Good luck for tommorrow Laura, it sounds like it will be a great day!
Joanne x

Manda said...

I will derfo be coming to say Hello ! Good Luck Laura and I cant wait to finally after 3 years get to meet you !

Kate said...

Hi Laura ~ Oh... Hope I wasn't the only Fruitloop that had to keep clicking til the whole page was full of flowers, I had fun !!

Kate x

Claire said...

Hi Laura
Good to meet you yesterday. Hope you had a fab night out in MK! Love your website.

Laura said...

Great to finally meet you on Saturday, Manda! Thank you so much for the gorgeous bead. :o)

Kate - yes, I spent ages filling the screen with flowers too!

Hi Claire! Great to meet you on Saturday. Hope your train journey went smoothly. Chris and I had a rockin' night out in MK ..... well, a nice Italian meal anyway! ;o)

Laura x