Thursday 9 October 2008

Beady Potpourri

Lampwork Bead MixA bit of an eclectic bead mix today. Precise polka dots, pink patterns and tiger-esque treasures.

I'm in need of some bead inspiration. If you've got any colour combinations or pattern ideas please leave them in my comments section. I also like to work with a name and then tailor the beads to suit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Totally random now, but are there any Eastenders watchers reading this? If so, I've noticed something and I wondered if you have too? I'm not letching - muscly men don't really light my candle - but Christian can't seem to keep his kit on! I reckon he must have had some kind of 'vest clause' written into his contract because for the past couple of months hardly an episode has gone by where we don't see him wearing one. He often starts an episode wearing a jumper or a jacket but within minutes he's whipped off any outerwear and ends up serving tea in the 'caff' in his vest. It's like Christian's allergic to shirts or something. Has anyone else noticed?


  1. Gorgeous beads, especially the tiger little solar systems - have you seen Men in Black 2 where the solar system is just a giant marble?
    Mmm, I had noticed that Christian is always shirtless lately, but as the makers of Eastenders appear to be living in a timewarp, maybe that's how they think gay men behave???

  2. Thanks, Caroline!

    I have seen MIB 2, but I'll admit - I fell asleep in the cinema while watching it so I can't recall the marble bit!

    I know what you mean about Eastenders. I'm surprised they haven't given Christian a Freddie Mercury-style 'stache!

  3. Maybe 'enders wardrobe were given a very small budget for him!lol My Eastenders question would be, what are the odds on Danielle being Ronnie deceased longlost daughter!!hmmmmmm!

    I love the ink ones lovely and girlie!! How about a firework frenzy. Sort of starburst designs set in black

  4. Yep - totally with you on the Danielle/Ronnie thing, Laura. And I bet Ricky and Bianca will be back together by Christmas!

    Fireworks. Nice idea. I did some starburst ones last year. May well re-visit those and tweak the design a tad. Cheers!

  5. Can't help on the enders front as my son is only just going to sleep then so no chance to watch....however with beads is it too early for Christmas inspiration, white Christmas, evergreens and scrummy reds. Or is that just far too obvious? If not what about autumnal shades? The almost frosty mornings at the moment are gorgeous. Crisp air, bright sunshine, instense colours and dewy cobwebs. Any help?

  6. For me, anything in green. Or, I'm loving the red and turquoise blue combo right now. Either one. Names are harder for me. I usually think of them as I'm creating...

  7. Now you know what I'm like with names! First word that popped in my head when I read your post was "Alabaster" and now I'm getting pictures of the palest, softest milky green, Celadon maybe?

    Now I'm not Mystic Meg, I promise but sometimes it's good to go with the flow!

  8. I love the grr beads, they are all scrummy but grr are ace. I am soo sad I missed them it was bed time from hell last night so Leo was screaming the house down at selling time, ahh the bliss of pre-school today!
    I am loving Turquoise and purple at the mo, ooo and turquoise and chocolate brown, mmm chocolate. Sorry back to beads, green and baby pink are lovely as a re cobalt turquoise and pink together oh or turquoise and orange. Sorry I had a flurry of combo ideas.
    I love the MIB solar system idea I would definitely buy those with bells on

  9. Hey Laura,
    The first word to come to my head this morning, and i know it's odd, 'Conkers'. Don't you just love conkers?

    Or maybe even cocoa? i love cocoa on these foggy autumn mornings.

    Something completely different, Tsar!

    Glad you have enjoyed the move and that the train journey is more friendly.x x

  10. Hi Laura, belated congrats on your successful move and fab new workspace!

    This time of year, or once autumn colours are over, I like black and silver and frosted white - in anticipation of the ink black, starry night skies and frosty dawns to come. And Russian reds. (For some reason winter always has me reaching for Russian novels, histories and movies.) Midnight in Moscow. Revolutions. Sputniks. Dvinas. xBeth

  11. omg laura i was thinking this myself on tues night lol

  12. Oooh - what a bucketload of great suggestions! Thanks everyone!

    I'm liking the Russian thing. And the conkers. And ... well, all the things you've posted!

    My bead brain is a-buzzing which is good! It's been pretty sleepy for the past couple of weeks but all these fab ideas are waking it up. :o)

    Angie - glad you noticed too! ;o)

    Laura xxx

  13. Hi Laura, Bit late... but I'd love some delicate red and black beads, could fit in with a Russian cossack theme or early Christmas panics! ;0)

  14. Hi Laura, I had to comment on this post, I read it at work the other day and my assistant and I both agreed with you on the Danielle / Ronnie story, when I got home my other half was also convinced by the argument and sure enough you were right ;)
    Lovely beads btw! Can't wait to see the 'fireworks'

  15. Red and black. I like.

    Ali - the locket bit, yeah? And isn't Peggy's fella (Mick from Gavin & Stacey) a nasty piece of work?!


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