Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Kiln For Sale

If you're a new beadmaker or if you're thinking of taking up lampwork then you may be interested to know that I've just put Anthony, my old Chili Pepper bead annealing kiln, up for auction on eBay. I used this kiln for about the first year of my beadmaking and then I upgraded to my current kiln. Anthony (can you figure out why he's called that?) has been sitting on a shelf for about two years or so. He's a great kiln - shiny red and specifically designed for annealing beads. I bought him from the States and I had to buy a transformer to make him work over here and that transformer is included in the auction. I've just replaced the Chili Pepper's relay and the kiln is in full working order. Runs like a dream. Please click here if you'd like to take a look at the auction.


Shari said...

Ha ha! Could it be the Keidis connection, Laura?!!! x

Laura said...

Spot on, Shari!