Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back To Work

Pine TreesThe woodland weekend away went far too quickly! Chris and I had a wonderful time at Center Parcs. I think that's about the seventh or eighth time that I've been there and it's always great. It's very relaxing and so quiet.

The LakeThere are no cars and no light pollution so when you're in the outside pool at night having an evening swim you can look up and see a bazillion-and-one stars. There is an abundance of wildlife too. The squirrels outside were very friendly. One of them (who I named Simon) actually ventured inside our villa a couple of times. We also saw rabbits, ducks, geese and a heron.

Simon SquirrelThe waterfowl were so tame that they were taking bread from my hand. Very cute!

Me And The WaterfowlSo holiday time is over and now it's no rest 'til Christmas! We're on that slippery slope. The shops are already stocking festive wrapping paper, cards, selection boxes and jumbo tubs of Twiglets.....


BeadyPool said...

So glad you had a lovely relaxing break away. Does this mean nature inspired beads?? Or starry night ones. Vx

Laura said...

Quite possibly, V. Quite possibly!