Monday, 28 September 2009

Beads, Dangles & Shudders

Lampwork Glass Beads With Fine SilverYou lot seem to be loving this style of bead so here's another set for you.

Lampwork Glass Cupcake DanglesI've also added the option of Cupcake Dangles to the Cupcake Beads page. These make excellent little Christmas gifts (and don't shout at me - it's not too early to be organising Christmas pressies. It'll be here before you know it!) and they're fab for attaching to your mobile phone, camera, zipper pull or wherever you fancy a bit of cupcake cheeriness!

You know I mentioned the spider influx the other day? Well, I had spider trauma this afternoon. I spent all day making beads in the conservatory and then late this afternoon my sister called me so I went outside to have a chat on the phone. I glanced up at the conservatory window and there, as bold as brass, was a big fat hairy spider. It was horrid. Its legs! It had such legs! It had shoulders. And elbows. And wrists. And I swear it was looking at me with a big spidery smirk on its face. I froze and went into full-on spider benny mode. I couldn't concentrate on my phone conversation, I started sweating and my heart was beating like a mad thing. I also started that jogging-about-on-the-spot-with-arms-flailing thing but the spider just sat there. You see, this is where the irrational part of my fear comes in. I was in the garden, in the open air, about seven feet away from the creature. I knew it wasn't going to get on me and I knew I could leg it if needs be. But I couldn't move as I had to keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't go anywhere because then I wouldn't know where it was and that would have been worse than it being in plain view. So I was stuck. Dad was out so I stayed talking on the phone to Em until he got back. He came out into the garden (after seeing me acting like a pillock through the conservatory window) and moved the offending spider. He picked it up with his bare hands - his bare hands! - and threw it over the fence. I screamed (deafening poor Emily in the process) and had a tiny breakdown which including me ripping at my hair and slapping my thigh. (I don't know what was with the thigh-slapping - it was just a reaction.) It took at least an hour for me to recover from the incident and even now I keep getting the willies every time I think of those angular zig-zaggy legs. *Shudder!*

I know I probably sound really wimpy and pathetic but I'm telling you, it's a genuine fear - not just a girly-wirly-I-don't-like-spiders thing. I'm scared witless of the buggers!


SueBeads said...

My cat would eat just about anything, but NOT spiders! I think it's an innate fear and you shouldn't feel bad about it! I hate that I am the spider killer once again. Oh, and stink bugs too! They just creep me out!

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

Ooo, you have my sympathy! I'm not too bad about spiders until they reach a certain size and then my reaction gets much like yours. We get loads where we live so in response to recent news about how many there will be this autumn I've ordered a spider deterrent gadget for my new workshop (aka the shed). Will let you know if it works! Could be £10 well spent. Apparently they don't like conkers either so I'll be gathering them this weekend :).

Gorgeous gorgeous beads by the way xxx

EVY Designs said...

Oh laura I know just how you feel that is my reaction to butterflies...... pure and utter irrational fear.....I love winter when there are no more butterflies....gorgeous beads♥

Sue Doran said...

I can cope with spiders pretty well as long as they don't actually touch me. I was "eeeking" away when I read about your dad's bare handed commando style rescue ... what a hero!

Mel P said...

I love these beads Laura, I am being too slow with logging on at the mo. I turn into a amebic blob once Leon is in bed these days and keep forgetting to log in :0). I totally understand you fear. I am trying to keep my hysteria away from Leon but the other morning I had a doozie of a spider fear attach. I went to clean Leon's teeth before school, I turned on the tap and these HUGE legs appeared from the plug hole followed by a spider bigger than my head (well that might be a bit of an exaggeration). It galloped towards us as we both screamed, shock rather than fear fro Leon. Needless to say it is in spider heaved now. I then refused to go into the offending bathroom until Brian came home at 7pm, Leon had a shower that night, just in case any spider friends were hanging around. Brian thinks I am mad, which is rich coming from a man who refuses to go into glass sided lifts! I am so glad that I am not the only person with this level of phobia xxxxxxxxx

Joy Funnell said...

Oh... I know what you mean totally.

I was setting up for a workshop for 5 people in a small church hall the other week. Hubby had dropped me off with all the gear. After half an hour I suddenly found this seriously massive spider looking at me from under one of the side tables I had been standing right by setting examples up on!!! Well I spent the next three quarters of an hour finishing setting up walking the long way round the tables to avoid going near it. Rang hubby who was of a YP view! Very helpful. I was seriously terrified glancing back every minute or so to check if it had moved but knowing I just had to get the workshop ready for the people attending regardless. The first person to arrive came early. I tentitively broached the question as to how she felt about spiders - she loved them!!! Boy was I ever relieved. Julie cheerfully removed said monster with my undieing gratitude and I started to calm myself before I had to start teaching. I can't belive what a state I had got myself into! I have used that hall loads of times and never seen so much as a money spider before.

So as they say Laura, been there, done that, and don't ever want to do it again!!!

Joy x