Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Purple Chocolate Of Joy!

Milka ChocolateOh how I love Milka chocolate. It's just so smooth and creamy and it has a shiny purple wrapper. With a purple cow on it. What's not to like? It was always quite tricky to get hold of here in the UK but Tesco recently started stocking it. Result!

Lynne and John (Chris's Mum and Dad) have got Milka hot chocolate for their Tassimo coffee machine and I'm now considering getting a Tassimo for the Chris And Laura Box. I tell you, that is one tasty beverage!


BeadyPool said...

Hmmm chocolate :)

HollybirdBeads said...

Tesco do Milka chocolate?!? I am so there! Love the stuff...reminds me of holidays to Austria as a child :)

Unknown said...

Sainsbury's stock Milka too in quite a few varieties. They are often on offer.

Sue Doran said...

And it contains no palm oil either! What cheery news. I'll add it to my favourites list :-)

Joy Funnell said...

Hey - if it is my Milka why are you eating it?!!!

Joy x

Yeah I do love it too :-)

Oh and my verification code is exess!!!!

Laura Sparling said...

Mary - they had about five varieties in Tesco too - the bar was only 65p. Bargain!

Joy - Ha! That made me laugh. You and I keep getting odd verification codes.