Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ripple Socks

Hand Knitted SocksThe yarn for these socks came from Vik at Wild Fire Fibres and it's in a fab colourway called 'Ripple'. It's a mix of pink, purple, blue and white. I wanted a pattern that would really show off these colours so I opted for good old feather and fan stitch which creates a wavy effect.

Hand Knitted SocksI'm going to write up the pattern for these along with a few other sock designs. I'll then upload PDFs of the patterns so any fellow sock knitters can download them for free. I'll let you know as soon as the patterns are available.


Karen said...

These are fab! The pattern and yarn really work nicely together :) Look forward to seeing your PDFs.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks, fab colours, yes please to PDF files, I'm still only at beginner's level but I look foward to progressing to some fab socks like yours.