Monday 19 October 2009

Felted Brooch by Bluebell Designs

Brooch By Bluebell DesignsGill at Bluebell Designs sent me this photograph of a wet felted brooch that she made with merino wool and one of my BloomBeads. Isn't it fab? The brooch is currently available over in Gill's online shop along with her jewellery, charms, pens and more.

Brooch By Bluebell DesignsIt's really nice to see one of my beads used in such an innovative way. It's also great to see one of my BloomBeads again - I haven't made one for years. When I started out on my lampworking adventure, plunged floral beads were the one thing I really wanted to have a go at. They have that kind of paperweight wow factor. Must make more .....

Today I've been catching up with Cupcake bead orders and tomorrow I'm teaching so I expect I will have some new beads to show you on either Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. ... in fact I love it so much I just went and bought it! Thanks for showing Laura! x

  2. I bought one of your Bloombeads ages ago, Laura, and made it into a necklace for my Mother In Law..she wears it almost every day. Really similar to Gill's in the photo. They are stunning ! Lovely brooch too. :)


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