Wednesday 14 October 2009

Tech Stress

This is a quick post to let you know that I'm having website trauma. A corrupt bit of code has attached itself to my site (again - have these internet vandals nothing else better to do?!) but I only found out about it this evening by which time the helpline people at my hosting company were just going home. I'm trying to sort it out myself and as such the beads that I was going to sell tonight will have to wait until my website is back up and running.

In the meantime, if you do visit my website and your anti virus software pops up with a warning message or it won't let you view the site then fear not, the corrupt code is not malicious - it's just annoying so nothing nasty should happen to your machine.

I'll call my hosting company first thing tomorrow and hopefully they'll put it right.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Is it affecting e-mail too, Laura? I wrote you on 25 Sept asking whether you'd be making any more electropop beads. As you invented them at around the same time as you were making the much hated "credit crunch" beads, I wasn't sure if those were classified amongst the ones that you hated making. It's unlike you not to reply so I thought maybe the problem was my end but now I don't know!

  2. Ha! No Sue - that's just me and my terrible lame-ass I-must-answer-that-email-oh-look-now-I've-got-a-bazillion-emails-to-answer issue that I have.

    I'm sorry - I'll get onto that now. Expect your inbox to bleep (or make whatever noise your inbox makes) soon. Apologies.

    Laura x


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