Sunday 25 October 2009

It's finished!

Girasole BlanketYes! The 'Blue Blanket Of Love' is complete and I am so very, very pleased with it. The blanket took many bazillions of hours and nineteen skeins of cotton aran yarn but it was so worth it. The piece measures about six feet in diameter.

Girasole BlanketAs I was nearing the end of this I found myself slowing my knitting down as I didn't want the project to end. It was the same feeling that I get when I'm nearing the last few chapters of a really good book.

Girasole BlanketThe pattern I used for this was Jared Flood's 'Girasole' and it is wonderful. The really well written, clear instructions made this a total pleasure to knit. Please click here if you'd like to download the pattern. Oh and by the way, just in case you're wondering, Girasole is the Italian word for Sunflower.

So that's one monster project finished. I must get my arse in gear and complete all the smaller unfinished ones now .....

I shall be back this evening with some bead photos. Have a good Sunday!


  1. oooo this is pretty, is it winter cosy and snuggly? Are you keeping it? You are so clever and very multi gifted, in a good way xxxx

  2. Aw - thanks Mel!

    It is indeed very cosy. But it's going in The Chris & Laura Box for when we get our first home next year so no winter blanket snuggling will be happening until then!

  3. Wow Laura that is gorgeous! So what's the next monster project?

  4. Laura, what a talented lady you are. It's beautiful! Make sure cat's claws don't get anywhere near it. Congratulations, Toika

  5. Wow! That is one stunningly gorgeous blanket. Congrats, Laura, on getting it done.

  6. Holy heck. That is amazing. I favorited it at Ravelry. My problem with knitting anything that is intricate like this is the six-year old. Count, you say? Keep my place, you say? Oh dear.

    But one day. Oh yes. One day!

    You should be so proud of yourself. So. Very. Proud.

  7. Wow! That is amazing! Toika's right - definitely don't let the cat near it!!

  8. Thank you everyone for all the great comments.

    Lori - this project would suit you (and Zack!). There's really not a lot of counting and the pattern is split into seven charts and the edging so it breaks down into smaller chunks.

    And no - the cat was not allowed anywhere near the blanket! And now it is safely packed away in The Box.

  9. A serious wow factor blanket there; well named pattern as well!

  10. Stunning Blanket Laura, have added it to my "To do" list.

    I really appreciate the great links to the website you got the pattern from,I have also seen several hat projects I would love to have a go at as well.

    Many thanks,


  11. Oh, is that completely gorgeous or what? Beautiful job.


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