Thursday 1 October 2009

A little bit green

Green Lampwork Glass BeadsI've had this green glass in my stash for yonks. I ordered teal green and received this instead. It's not quite teal and it's not quite emerald but one thing's for certain - it's most definitely green!

My beadmaking batteries are flat. I sat and played about on the torch today but nothing was working right so I'll have to wait for my batteries to recharge. I'm off to Cambridge this weekend so hopefully I will return next week all bead-eager and full of ideas .....


  1. Has anyone snatched the green babies yet?

  2. Hi Laura, those are so perfect! And I love the way you photographed them.

    Have a nice day,

  3. I have that same green... apparently it's "Dark Teal" but you're right, it looks almost exactly like Emerald (but for a premium price!). CiM Leaky Pen is an actual dark teal (also a tad pricy) if you can get over the fussy, boily-ness of it.
    Beautiful beads! They sort of become teal overall with the gorgeous turquoise details. :)

  4. Niiiiiiiice. And if I said I was green with envy at the precision of your dots, would that be too punny?

  5. Yeah, I actually orderd the lighter teal but got this instead. Ah well, glass is glass. I love the CiM Leaky Pen. Such a gorgeous colour.

    Lori - not too punny at all! Thanks! ;o)


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