Thursday, 7 January 2010


I wrote two posts yesterday - one about snow and one about sock yarn.

I've just noticed that I posted the snow one at 11.56 and the yarn one at 23.56. How odd that I published posts at both 11.56s in the same day. A truly bizarre coincidence.

There is a lack of beads ..... but then you'd already noticed that, right? It would appear that I have started the year with a bout of bead funk. Long-term readers will know that this happens occasionally. There's nothing I can do about it - I just have to ride the bead funk wave and wait for it to disperse. I used to stress about it but I've learned that doing so just makes it worse so please bear with me and I'm sure that in a few days I'll have some glass pretties to show you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, don't worry, everyone should give themselves a break from time to time. Creative processes are always at work even if production is absent! Cheers, Toika

Denise : ) said...

I believe you are still walking on cloud 9 from the proposal! I know I would be! You will be back at work making beautiful beads before you know it, I have no doughts. Enjoy giving yourself a break!

Sue Doran said...

My sympathy with the bead block, Laura. I'm sure you'll get back in your stride soon. Hope your travel plans for the weekend weren't disrupted too much.