Wednesday 6 January 2010

So much snow!

Tree berries covered in snowAnd I love it. I feel like I'm on Hoth!

The snow is about seven inches deep here in Abingdon and it's still snowing now. They forecast even more snowfall tonight. I've been out walking in it (I must get me some wellies!) and it's so deep that you don't touch the ground underneath. You can't see your feet either - the picture below is of me walking along an undisturbed, pristine stretch of snow. Don't you just love doing that?

Walking through the snowI'm entranced by the trees - they look so pretty with their branches laden with snow. I always worry about the birds in this weather so I've put a little dish of bread and seed out in the shelter of the arbour in the back garden. I've just seen a robin stop by for a snack and against the snow he looked like something off the front of a Christmas card.

Snow-covered treesI don't think Buster's enjoying the weather. Mind you, it's so funny watching him trying to walk about in the snow. Last night he ventured out and came back in covered in snowflakes. Very cute!

Down by the brookI'm meant to be going to Cambridge on Friday but I'm not sure if that'll happen. When I spoke to Chris last night he said there wasn't any snow. Trains are running on revised timetables this end so maybe I'll be lucky.


  1. Lovely photos, Laura. I'm about 50 mins from Cambridge and we've had hardly any new stuff here. How does your cute little guinea pig get on in this weather?

  2. gorgeous pics lovely, we haven't had a lot up until last night...but not sure we will get much more!

    Happy New Year, hope 2010 fulfills all your expectations!

    Pop over to my new blog home and say hi.


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Looks like you've got as much snow as we do - just been wading through it, up to the top of my wellies and it's still falling! I have a friend in Cambridge and apparently they have no snow.....yet!

    my word verification is 'ovenfly' - we get them in the summer....

  4. beautiful pics Laura!
    Especially the one with berries-would make a lovely xmas card :0)))

  5. Love the pics! Winter wonderland snow, WOW! My favorite time of year! A light dusting of snow fell for us here in Georgia, USA. BEAUTIMUS!!! The evergreens were so pretty with a glistening of powdery snow. I so envey the bounty of snow you received!!! :)

  6. The snow is still here! Along with mighty big icicles. Now they are pretty!

    Sue - the guinea pigs have moved into the conservatory. I bring their hutch inside if temperatures are going to drop to below freezing as guineas hate extremes of temperature.


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