Tuesday 12 January 2010

Wedding Q&A

So many of you have sent congratulatory emails and messages with regards to our engagement. We've received cards, flowers, chocolates and I've even been sent yarn to say congratulations! Thank you all very much indeed.

Along with those emails have come the inevitable wedding-related questions. Vik at Wild Fire Fibres just left a comment on my last post which encompasses virtually all of them. So here are her questions followed by my answers :

"Firstly a massive CONGRATULATIONS!!! Do you have a date yet? Dress ideas? Are you going to handmake some of the things for your wedding? Or are you just going to do it cheaply (like us) and whenever you get round to it (again, like us - been engaged 4 years!)? It's lovely to have a ring on isn't it :)"

Yes, there is a date set. It's in September and I'll let you know the actual date when it's all been totally one hundred percent confirmed.

I haven't picked one yet but I know what colour it might be - kingfisher blue. Well, that's what I have in mind right at this moment. It could change. It won't be a 'proper' flouncy wedding dress. Again, I have a style in mind but I'm saying no more as Chris reads the blog and the finer dress details are staying secret until the day. He knows the colour I'm currently leaning towards but that's it.

Cambridge. It's going to be a register office do on a very small scale. There will be no reception or evening bash as such. We're still undecided - maybe we'll take our small wedding party out for a meal afterwards. The wedding will be small because neither of us want a big shindig. I've never ever wanted the big huge wedding thing and Chris certainly hasn't. I was shocked that he even proposed! So the wedding is going to be pretty unconventional, I guess.

Engagement Ring
Yes, there is one. Chris and I went to choose it on Saturday and again, it's not your traditional engagement ring. I don't actually have it on my finger as the jewellers are ordering the correct size in for me. There will be photos of the engagement ring as soon as I have it which should be in a couple of weeks.

So there you have it. In short, we're talking about a very small do without your usual wedding bells and whistles. The best wedding I've ever been to was the smallest, most unflashy thing you can imagine and it was just perfect. I hope ours will be too!


  1. Sounds perfect. We had 12 guests at our wedding and the buffet afterwards and it was just lovely. No big fuss and relaxing (well as relaxing as any wedding can be!)

    It is no wonder your brain does not want to settle back into bead making - too many other things to think about! :)

    Maybe you should try bridal beads :))

  2. Gorgeous colour for the dress, it will really suit you.
    Good on you having the wedding that you both want and not bowing to what other would want/expect.
    We had 15 at our wedding and 2 of them were invited to keep an eye on the oldies (3 over 90) and to make sure we weren't 13! Followed by a lovely sit down meal.
    No fuss and people we wanted to be there.
    Are you having cupcakes as a wedding cake ;)

  3. Ha, Joy if I wore my own work I would!

    V - funnily enough, the cupcake wedding cake thing has been discussed!

    Glad I'm not alone in the small wedding thing. We've hardly made any plans. We've got a ring and a date. Top of the to do list is getting a house! Then I'm sure the rest will fall into place.

  4. I'm sure it will be perfect how big or how small, as long as you have a magical day and that both of you are happy, i have been married 13 years past, mine was a big affair with 5 bridesmaids, etc i loved every minute off it, but it went that quick, look forward to seeing you ring and i'm sure september will come round quicker thatn you think, good luck.x

  5. Sounds perfect! We jetted off to Cuba - just the two of us! The way we saw it was that we wre going to have a fabulous holiday, and we just so happened to be getting married whilst we were there! Our family were cool about it too - we sent 'Cuba Chronicles' home by email every day to make them feel involved!

  6. Laura that sounds perfect. I thin the most important thing is that you and Chris have the wedding that you want. Brian and I would not compromise at all and had our perfect day. A friend of mine just combined getting married with skiing, so a group went on hold skiing and they got married on the last day.
    Your dress colour is fab, as V said you will look perfect. I am soooo excited for you xxxx

  7. Sounds lovely - best to do exactly what you and Chris want as it is YOUR day after all. Can't wait to see the ring.

    But if it's a small 'do', how can all of us attend??? ;0)

  8. I just love the colour you've chosen Laura!
    And I'm sure it will be a wonderful wedding, whatever size it is!!!
    Take good care of both of you!!

  9. I split my wedding over two days! I got married on a Monday and invite the people who meant something to both of us. After we got married we went for dinner with our guests. The following Saturday we had a party to celebrate our wedding with all our friends and family. Both were great, but I am so pleased we seperated them. I enjoyed it more. Oh! did I mention that I moved house the Friday before I got married....must have been crazy!!
    I wanted to get married in Red, but couldn't find the right outfit. Like everyone is saying including you Laura, your wedding day should be about you and Chris.xxxx

  10. It all sounds lovely, Laura. We had a small registry office for 23 at 11am followed by lunch in a riverside pub; that part of the day was lovely. In the evening we had a big party for the "everyone else's", I so wish we'd done what Tina did and have the big party bit on another occasion as it was such a tiring day! I was only 19 so I got "organised" a lot by well meaning others and I didn't dare sound a note of dissent (how times have changed now!) Plus I got fed up of smiling for photographs (gosh, I do hate being photographed). I felt like my face was set in a concrete maniac's grin by the end of the day!

  11. Hi Laura,

    I started making beads because I love your design, and i want to make that too! :o)

    I got married in Las Vegas, no family, kind of a spontanias thing. But one thing I really really loved was that we got professional photos from it. I'll say go cheap on anything else, but get good photos! (some family member had a BIG splasy wedding, but a friend to take the photos, they only have photos under a tree, in the shadow! or in front of the church, but the tower is missing the top. Horrible composed photos). Hope you can use the comment :o)

  12. I had so much fun planning my wedding and made a lot of the bits and pieces. I even took some courses afterwards to get licensed as a wedding planner but then I discovered beads and we all know how THAT turned out! :-)

  13. massive congratulations to you laura. what fab news. i wish you every happiness with chris :) x


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