Wednesday 6 January 2010


Smooshy 'Spring Tickle' Sock YarnYes, Smooshy. And that's not me making up another silly word (you know how I like to do that). This is a fabulous sock yarn called Smooshy by Dream In Color. The shade is called 'Spring Tickle' and it's a wonderful array of bright spring greens. And Smooshy is definitely the correct word for this wonderful stuff. It's squidgeable, scrunchable, cuddlesome and downright lovely. I keep picking up the skein and giving it a squeeze and a hug! And yes, I do realise that I sound like a complete wrong'un but what can I say? I'm a sock freak. (Fellow sock knitters - you understand me, right?)

I ordered this from Pure Purl who have impressed me no end with their super-fast delivery and all-round fabulous customer service. My package of yarn was beautifully presented and I'll definitely be going back there to feed my (increasingly scary) sock yarn habit .....


  1. yarn! You are not alone, there is nothing better than caressing a new ball of yarn - don't know about you, but I love the smell of it too. It seems to be inherited, my daughter insists on burying her nose in new balls of yarn & taking a big deep sniff too. I told you many months ago that it was a sickness......

  2. You did warn me, Caroline, you did. I just wasn't prepared for it!

    And yes - I do smell the new yarn. I use the same technique as your daughter by the sounds of it! Imagine us all in a room, sniffing wool. What would people say?!


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