Wednesday 21 April 2010

CiM Testing : Sangre

CiM Sangre BeadsI'm kicking off my Creation is Messy testing at the beginning of the rainbow and the first colour I'm posting about is Sangre. This 'dense and saturated striking red' is an utterly gorgeous colour and for a striker it is pretty easy to work. The colour is as richly red as its name suggests - sangre is the Spanish word for blood.

Striking colours develop in the flame. By gently cooling and reheating the colour will become deeper and more vibrant. Some striking glasses are easier to strike than others and Sangre is one of the easy ones.

The beads at the top of the post include two plain Sangre beads - the one on the left is just straight plain Sangre and the one propped up at the back is a thin layer of Sangre over a CiM Peace (white) core. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Sangre acts as an encasing glass.

CiM Sangre BeadsBut in my opinion the best way to show off this wonderful red is to use it in moderation and to let the light shine through it. The beads above have a core of Sangre which I've heavily encased in Vetrofond clear and decorated with polka dots in CiM Peace. As you can see I've got quite consistent results with the glass regardless of the fact it's a striker. I really didn't treat it any differently to a non-striking transparent and I went about my beadmaking business in a pretty normal manner. That's what I mean when I say Sangre is easy to strike.

Sangre, like most transparent reds, likes to be photographed in natural daylight or else it will look like it has a brownish tinge to it. The two photos above were taken in the early morning sunlight.

The photograph below was taken in the shade of the conservatory and shows one plain Sangre bead and one that is etched. The glass etches really well.

CiM Sangre BeadsCiM Sangre will definitely be my 'go to' transparent red from now on. Love it!


  1. It is a beautiful colour, but if worked too hot with too much propane it can go mucky / cloudy. But if you have your torch set right, it is an easy colour to work with.

  2. What a lovely color! I am always looking for a pretty red and I might have to try the Sangre. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are amazing Laura, what a fabulous rich red

  4. These look like little party dresses!

  5. I agree its a beautiful red but have found it really doesn't like to be encased with Lauscha clear.

  6. LOVE Sangre! I could even strike this as a newbie (I didn't KNOW it was a striking red and it struck!)

  7. You've got very consistent colour with Sangre, I must give this one a go, my Effetre transparent red beads vary from orange through to black!

  8. You make it look gorgeous! I'm going to have to get some!


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