Wednesday 21 April 2010

Creation Is Messy Testing

I'm pleased to announce that I am now an official glass tester for Creation Is Messy.

What does this mean? Well, I get to try out new colours and then I document my findings. I will be posting about brand spanking new CiM colours here on my blog. It's pretty exciting for me because it means I get to play with glass that not many other people have used. How fab is that?

But I'm not just sticking to the brand new colours as far as testing is concerned. I am going to work my way through the entire CiM range (which right now stands at about 70+ colours) and I will tell you about my findings right here on my blog. I'm doing this because I believe that beadmakers' experiences with glass vary depending on working methods, torch, beadmaking style and the like so this means that one particular glass can yield umpteen different effects. My test findings may help other beadmakers when choosing glass to work with.

Working my way through CiM's massive colour range will also push me to use colours that I may not normally be drawn to and this may result in some pretty interesting and different beads from the ones that I usually make.

I'll be testing CiM glass and posting about my findings as and when so if you're a fellow beadmaker and you're interested in following my testing project do subscribe to my blog or add yourself as a follower. All subscription links are over there on the right hand side of my blog.


  1. YAAAY! I was online last night, I kid you not, Googling for testers, and now you are one! I'm SOOOO glad. Now maybe you can tell me why I can't get Clockwork to strike.

  2. Very exciting news, really looking forward to your postings about this. I tend to think of CIM glass as being expensive but the beads will probably be worth it!


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