Thursday 15 April 2010

'Purple Polka Dots'

Lampwork Glass BeadsYes, more polka dotty beads. You know me and polka dots - I make one set and then I can't stop! These pretty purple ones (which I am in love with) are CiM Heffalump encased in Vetrofond clear, decorated with CiM Lapis polka dots. The spacer beads are CiM Crocus. Purpletastic!


  1. Lovely beads...perfect polka dots! I love dotty beads too.


  2. They are absolutely beautiful.

    CJ xx

  3. Love your polka dots, the PURPLE ones especially! Your bright, beautiful, and fun lampwork beads have inspired me to do a PC piece in a rainbow of POLKA DOTS. Thanks for the inspiration!


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