Tuesday 13 April 2010

Green & Cream

Lampwork Glass BeadsI couldn't decide what colour beads to make today so I texted Chris and asked him (he's good like that) and he said I should make green ones. This tied in nicely with a request for a green and cream bracelet that I had from a family member last night so I spent the day making green and cream beads.

These are a mix of CiM Dirty Martini, CiM Split Pea, CiM Butter Pecan Unique (a very pale version) and Effetre Sage Green transparent. I think this mix of colours makes for a really fresh-looking set of beads.

EDIT : Chris has named these beads 'Pacers' after Pacers Mints which were a sweet available in the 1980s. Here's a link to the television advert for them. I have no recollection of these sweets but Chris is a year-and-a-bit older than me so maybe they were just a tad before my time!


  1. I just ordered a bunch of CiM -- I love it! But I can't make beads like you can.

    How are wedding plans coming along?

  2. Hi Lori. Messy Color is fab glass. Love the stuff!

    Wedding plans. Erm, not really planned much at all. I must do something. Like maybe send out some invites .....

    Laura :o)

  3. How fresh & Springlike these are - well done Chris! And you of course!

  4. Scrummy beads; I remember Pacers, but then I'm much older than you and Chris! The colour is exactly right.


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