Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Almost There

Somewhere just outside ReadingWhile I was travelling home from Cambridge yesterday I started doing some rough calculations in my head. Maths and I do not mix and we try and avoid each other as much as we can but I found myself working out a few train-related stats.

I have been travelling to see Chris every other weekend for almost three and a half years. That makes :
  • About 90+ return train trips, not including random ones here and there

  • Approximately 340 hours of travel

  • About £3,100 in train fares (thank goodness for my Network Railcard!)

I have also consumed umpteen travel sandwiches, bottles of water and packets of Wine Gums while journeying. I have read many books on my travels too. I've got through two little wheely suitcases - a wheel fell off the first one and the second case is hanging on for dear life but I can't complain as it was only a tenner from Tesco.

I have also discovered that :

  • A lot of people do not understand the concept of 'Keep Left' and 'Keep Right' when using the escalators and walkways around the London Underground.

  • The idea of letting people off the train before you get on seems like a pretty simple one but it challenges many people.

  • Some passengers on trains do like to sit and call everyone in their phone book and relay the same story over and over beginning each conversation with 'Yeah, I'm on the train' with no awareness that the person sitting next to them might not want to hear about their relationship woes or office-related talk. This is where I heartily thank Apple for inventing the iPod.

  • It is actually quite satisfying to ask someone if you can sit in the seat next to them, upon which they have carefully arranged their bag, coat, laptop case or shopping in an attempt to stop anyone sitting next to them. Why do people do that? Everyone deserves a seat on the train. Stick your luggage up on the luggage rack and prepare to interact with fellow passengers - I've had some really good conversations with total strangers just because the seat next to me was free.

So what's with the calculations and train talk?

Well, pretty soon the regular train travel will stop.

Like, next month.

I feel that we're pretty much through all the niggly might-go-wrong stuff now so I can tell you that Chris and I have bought a house in Cambridge. Almost. All the big things are done and we're waiting for the solicitor and contract malarkey now. The survey, mortgage and other big scary things are all sorted and we're in that house-buying limbo. We put in our offer about ten weeks ago and I've managed to keep quiet about it all this time - I didn't want to jinx it, you see.

So that is why I was compelled to work out all that train stuff. Obviously I will be using trains to travel back to see Dad and everyone but not on a bi-weekly basis. I think I may have to make about two more Cambridge trips before the move and that is such a bizarre feeling, I can tell you. I'm almost there .....


sheena said...

How exciting - I think Cambridge is a lovely place to live - and it's just down the road from me, so hopefully you'll be doing some tuition at some point!! Good luck, Sheena x

Niky Sayers said...

Such exciting news congratulations.

the art of curiosity said...

Many, many congratulations!! I'm SO happy for you & Chris. This is the most tremendous news - hurrah :-)

Kella said...

Well wishes being sent your way with the house buying part and calm vibes being sent your way when its moving time, feel free to share those vibes and wishes with Chris too.

Caroline B said...

How very exciting!! Think of what you can do with all those train-free hours in the future. Congratulations on the new house - has it got a super-duper bead-making room?

Laura Sparling said...

Thanks for all your best wishes everyone. It's all very exciting!

Sheena - yes, I will be teaching. I'll probably start tuition in the Autumn.

Caroline - I will be having a shed. The house has a good sized garden. I'm having the shed built so I'll have all the fun of making it 'home'. I'm quite looking forward to it. :o)

Laura x

Lauren said...

congratulations and good luck! :) hope the move isn't too stressful. either way it will be worth it though im sure!
Have a question, do you make glass and beads your full-time job, or is it additional to something else? If that isn't too nosy!

Laura Sparling said...

Thank you, Lauren! And yes, beadmaking is my full time job. :o)


Tina said...

Congratulations, that is fantastic news.

People have the same issues on the buses in London also...why oh why can't people let people off first.

Liking very much your new blog layout.


Sue Doran said...

I'm so glad to hear your good news! You must let me have some of your cards with your new details on when you get them done. I occasionally get asked by people who come to my stall if I teach (I don't) and I'd be glad to pass them on you now you're going to be so local.

Aiya said...

wow thats brilliant news :) hope it all goes smoothly woo woo i bet u wont miss having to do that journey xx

Laura Sparling said...

Tina - thank you! :o)

Sue - that would be great, thank you! I have zero business cards at the moment (I know - rubbish) but when I have new ones printed I shall let you have some. Fab!

Caz - no, I don't think I'll be missing doing that journey every fortnight!

Laura x