Friday, 21 May 2010

Kenneth Lives!

Pink Lampwork Glass BeadsThe relay for Kenneth arrived today and I fitted it, revved the kiln up, held my breath and was elated to find that Kenneth is working again! Yeah!

And in answer to your question, Sue, fitting a new relay is really easy. The longest part of the process is unscrewing/replacing the dozen screws on the base of the kiln to get to the workings. Aside from that it's just a logical process of moving the wires carefully from the old relay across to the new one. I call Robin at
Electric Kilns whenever I need a relay or if I'm having kiln trauma and he is always so amazingly helpful.

So anyway, with Kenneth in full working order I was able to make a few beads. Not many because by the time I'd mended the kiln and had a celebratory bacon sandwich it was afternoon and also the conservatory was 31°C (sudden sunshine-a-rama today) and I was wilting a bit. So the small set that I do have ready are those pretty 'Ballerina' ones up there. Soft pink (
CiM Desert Pink if you're interested) and grey. Very '80s, don't you think?

I will be making beads all weekend to make up for what I haven't been able to do in the past couple of days so do check in over the weekend to see what glass creations I come up with. Then I'm reckoning that I'll be selling said beads on either Sunday or Monday night.


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

I am so glad Kenneth lives!
I LOVE the beads that you posted. I love the pink you used! I am going to have to head over to the Messy site and check it out!

Sue Doran said...

Woo hoo, way to go Kenneth and Laura - what a team :-) The contrast colour you've used for your dots and stringer goes so well with the pink. I'm looking forward to seeing your weekend work.

Jill said...

Glad to hear that Kenneth has revived!
Very pretty pink beads.

Jo said...

Welcome back Kenneth!
It has been hot, hasn't it?! I'm not complaining though as I doubt it'll be here for long. I'm just trying to arrange my work so that I solder in the morning or the evenings!

Laura Sparling said...

I'm glad that Kenneth lives too. Phew!

Hi Jo - it's a bit warm, isn't it? I'll be back in a shed soon so I'll be doing that hot-weather-working-time-shift thing too. :o)

Laura x