Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The first thing I do each and every morning is visit my favourite websites and blogs. I sit here with a cup of tea and click away seeing what's new and what everyone else is up to.

I've decided that I'm going to share five of my web finds with you every Wednesday in a feature that I'm going to call 'Webnesday'. Get it? (Don't try and say that word as it probably won't work - it's more of a visual thing.)

1. Pursuing The Art Of Curiosity

'Cherry' choker by Jennifer DangerfieldFirstly I'd like to draw your attention to Jennifer Dangerfield and her wonderful blog 'Pursuing The Art Of Curiosity'. I have known Jennifer (on a virtual basis) for years - we've never met but we have sent each other countless emails and she works the most amazing wonders with my beads. The 'Cherry' choker above is just one example of that. Jennifer has recently returned to blogging after a long hiatus. I'm delighted about this as I have missed her. Please click here to read Jennifer's blog and click here to visit her website which includes a gallery of her fabulous jewellery.

2. So What's New Today?

'Orange Tulip' by Tina ScottNext up is 'So What's New Today' which is a blog by Tina Scott. I have known Tina for about five years now and she is one of the nicest people in the world. I have met her in actual real life, in fact I stayed at her house for a couple of days during which time I threw up all over her kitchen floor, the thought of which still makes me cringe to this day. But because of her one-of-the-nicest-people-in-the-world status she looked after me brilliantly and never mentions the kitchen floor incident. Seriously, I still blush about that whenever I think about it - my face is hot pink right now! But anyway, I digress. Tina is a fellow beadmaker but at the moment she is really concentrating on honing her photography skills and she is blogging the results of her online photography courses. Her photos are fab! Just look at that 'Orange Tulip' one up there. Please click here to visit Tina's blog and click here to have a look at her Flickr Photostream.

3. Artist's Palette Yarns

Hand-dyed yarn by Artist's Palette YarnsNow for a web shop. You know I like yarn. You know I like socks. That means I like sock yarn and I know that some of you do too. I'm aware that a few of you have been inspired to take up sock-knitting because of me and my sock-knitting obsession and for that I apologise. Not to you but to your other halves. I know that Chris thinks of my sock-knitting as quirky and very Laura but sometimes he just cannot hide his Sock Shock when I put on a completed pair. The other day I finished knitting a pair of green socks, put them on and then set about getting dinner ready. When he glanced over and saw my feet he let out an 'Argh!', recoiled and guffawed. Thinking back I was wearing lime green socks with a purple dress so I guess a lot of his shock stemmed from that wacky colour pairing. But anyway, if you do knit socks then you may or may not know of Artist's Palette Yarns. They have an amazing selection of hand-dyed luxury goodness and their sock yarns are particularly delicious. I am currently knitting a pair of pumpkin-coloured socks with their Smoothie Sock yarn. Please click here to have a browse.

4. Howard The Drummer

I don't want to make 'Webnesday' all about blogs, beads, socks and jewellery. Sometimes you stumble across a great YouTube video that you just want to share. Take a look at this one. This is a four year old boy playing the drums. I know. If someone asked me if I'd seen the cute-four-year-old-boy-playing-drums video I'd normally pull the same face that I pull when someone emails me a bunch of photos of tiny fluffy kittens posing harmoniously next to big dogs. Normally I detest that kind of thing but seriously, the video of Howard the four year old drummer is pretty amazing! Take a look at it here.

5. Emma Kennedy

And finally a link to a very funny lady - Emma Kennedy. My book-on-the-go at the moment is her hilarious 'The Tent, The Bucket & Me' which is Emma's recollections of camping holidays with her parents in the '70s. It is highly amusing, as is her website. If you have time take a look at her family photos in her Galleries section as the captions that accompany them are very funny!

And that concludes today's Webnesday feature. I'll be back soon with photos of those green socks that shocked Chris .....


the art of curiosity said...

Laura, thank you so much for the link & your very kind words; what a lovely way for me to start the day :-)

I've really enjoyed looking at the other links you mention. Howard is awesome, I've added a copy of Emma's book to my Amazon basket and I'm indebted to you for the introduction to Artist Palette Yarns as I've been on the look out for a fibre stockist for quite a while.

I can't wait to see the socks! Lime green & purple? Don't tell Chris but I wear this colour combo a lot :-)

Val said...

What a fabulous idea and how I have loved Howard, watching him again and again. The only trouble is...... I should be working !!!
Look forward to next Webnesday

Caroline B said...

Lovely selection but why did you introduce me to that fantastic yarn shop? That's like holding a bottle of vodka in front of an alcoholic....I'm off to have another look!

Laura Sparling said...

Jennifer - it really is great to have you back! :o)

Val - glad you liked the video. Howard is amazing, isn't he?!

Caroline - I KNOW! Artist's Palette have so many lovely yarns. I just like to sit and look at the pictures.

Pleased you all enjoyed the Webnesday post!

Laura x

Jo said...

A great post Laura - I love the idea! I love the drummer, but I am not going to show my boy - he might get ideas and we most definitely do not have room for a drum kit!!

Sue Doran said...

Yes, thanks for the intro to this new (to me) yarn shop ... I think ... (reaches for credit card)

Must add that book to my wish list - it'll probably bring back memories, I can only remember one holiday before I was 12 that wasn't spent in a tent :-)

Tina said...

Hello Laura,

Thank you for such lovely commments. I was blushing reading them!

What a great idea Webnesday...I look forward to future post.

Thanks again Laura.

Pretty Things said...

That yarn is divine! You would LOVE my stash!