Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CiM Testing : Hippo

Creation Is Messy 'Hippo'This is a brand new colour from Creation Is Messy but it's a Limited Run meaning that once it's gone it's gone.

Hippo is an opaque grey with a hint of brown about it. It's very similar to CiM Khaki but in my opinion it behaves a little bit better. It's great to work with - it's got a nice medium consistency, it doesn't reduce or devitrify and it looks fab when etched. It also encases really well.

The photo below shows a strand of test beads I made to compare Hippo with other colours :

CiM 'Hippo' test beadsBeads from left to right : Hippo, Hippo etched, Hippo thinly encased with Vetrofond Clear, Hippo thickly encased with Vetrofond clear, CiM Khaki, Effetre 268 Pearl Grey and Effetre 252 Dark Grey.

As I say, Hippo has got a hint of taupe or ecru about it which means that it works beautifully with brown. The 'Earthy' polka dot beads below have a core of Hippo encased with Vetrofond clear. The polka dots are CiM Adamantium and the spacers are CiM Mink.

Lampwork Glass BeadsHippo works quite nicely as stringer too. It's quite crisp and smooth and only spreads if you really, really heat it. The beads below show Hippo paired with Adamantium.

Lampwork Glass BeadsIt's a shame that Hippo is a Limited Run because I really like it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to grab a stash of it while I can!


  1. Oh man do I love the hippo beads! I mean love love love love!!!!@!

  2. Love the strand with mink and adamantium. Hippo reminds me of Effetre sediment. If you have any in your stash, check it out.

  3. They are gorgeous! I agree that it's a shame it's a limited edition. But I guess it does make it extra special.

  4. these are truely beautiful colours, only wish I could indulge myself :(

  5. This is a beautiful color. I love it. Too bad it's a limited edition!


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