Tuesday 25 May 2010

CiM Testing : Sherwood

Creation Is Messy 'Sherwood'Sherwood is another brand new Messy Color glass an it's a forest green with a very subtle, slight blue hint to it. In the CiM palette I'd say it's probably closest to Split Pea.

The thing about CiM greens is that they really fill a gap in the 104 palette. Sherwood is a proper 'natural' kind of green. You could use it for vine cane and leaves and it wouldn't be too in-your-face and garish. (Yes, Effetre Grass Green, I'm talking about you!)

The photograph below shows Sherwood compared to other glass colours :

CiM 'Sherwood' test beadsBeads from left to right : Sherwood, Sherwood etched, Sherwood thinly encased with Vetrofond clear, Sherwood thickly encased with Vetrofond clear, CiM Split Pea, CiM Commando, Effetre 216 Light Grass Green.

Here's a list of my Sherwood findings :

  • Not at all shocky.
  • Melts nice and smoothly - on a consistency par with Commando and Split Pea.
  • A little streaky, as in it produces striations.
  • Loses its crispness and definition and tends to spread when used as stringer.
  • Etches really well.
  • Has a tendency to bleed at the edges when encased BUT it is an opaque green and opaque greens do like to do that!

The photo below shows Sherwood as polka dots on a Dirty Martini bead encased with Vetrofond clear :

Cim 'Sherwood' as polka dotsAnd the following photo illustrates what I mean about the stringer spreading thing. Of course, this effect isn't a bad thing - sometimes you can use this type of glass property to your design advantage. The Sherwood is used on top of Dirty Martini here :

CiM 'Sherwood' as stringerSo yes, Sherwood is a nice green. I'm not a massive fan of opaque green glasses (because they don't always do what I'd like them to do, but hey, that's probably just my glass control freakishness thing) but if I was going to make some realistic looking floral beads then this would be one of the greens I'd go for.


  1. I like this opaque green, looks so much nicer than some of the others (particularly Effetre). Your colour testing is turning into a very useful resource.

    Lovely beads in your other postings too, particularly like 'Lavender blush' Luminobeads.

    Um, can I be an absolute pain and ask if you could give some thought to putting a search widget on your blog so users of your blog can look for specific colour tests without scrolling through all the other postings? You always add relevant tags to your postings so it would be a much easier way for users to find info a little while after you've done it. Feel free to just ignore me!! :-)

  2. Glad you're finding the testing useful Sue. :o)

    I'll look into a search widget (tried a couple before but didn't like them) but doesn't the Blogger search tool right up the top left (next to the orange and white Blogger icon) do the job? It's what I always use.

    Off to investigate further now ...

    Laura x

  3. Ah, yes, it does! I always assumed that it searched the whole of Blogger-land! I didn't realise that it was specific to the blog that you happen to be in at the time! I'm sorry you're wasting time looking at alternatives just for me. The word verification for this comment is "remor" - I'll just add an "se".

  4. I love this green; what a beautiful polka dot it makes! This would make a superb accent colour in any piece of jewellery; I think it would make other colours 'pop'! A real little work horse IMHO.

    Jennifer xox

  5. Helloooooooooooo from sunny Scarborough!

    Love the new shade of green from Sherwood very pretty.

    Lisa (lisapmac2000@yahoo.co.uk)

  6. MMMM. Yummy. I especially love the firsts ones illustrated.
    Barbara M.


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