Friday 2 July 2010

'St Clements'

Lampwork Glass BeadsOoooh, it is nice to be blogging on my laptop again. We finally got our internet up and running on Wednesday night and I cannot tell you how much I've missed the old World Wide Web.

As you can see I've been busy making beads and there will be some for sale over on my website at 8.30pm tonight. I'm quite enjoying my new shed. It does get a bit warm in there in this weather but I'm looking forward to making it 'home'. It's very bare at the moment - just my bench, kiln and torch but in the coming months I'll give it a bit of a makeover.

Guinea PigsChris and I are settling in nicely here. It's very bizarre to think that this is our house! The guinea pigs are loving the big garden - we pig-proofed it so they can't escape and they've been spending their days roaming free. Brenda used to be The World's Laziest Guinea Pig but since we got here it's like she's got a brand new lease of life! I'm missing Buster terribly, though - it's so odd not having a cat about the place.

I'm gradually getting my bearings. I've told you before what an awful sense of direction I have. I actually got lost the first time I went to the postbox. What should have been a five minute walk there and back turned into a twenty minute one. I've got it sussed now though! Chris has marked all the local landmarks on GoogleMaps on my iPhone so if I get lost again I should be able to navigate my way home. Sad, or what?!


  1. At least on your iPhone you can look like you are doing something else - I used to have scribbled pencil maps in my pocket....still do sometimes!
    Was Buster not your cat or did you choose to leave him?
    Juicy coloured beads!

  2. It's so good to have you back - I've missed you!

    I've finally made a necklace featuring your fabulous shell beads. I'm in the midst of re-organising the Shack & haven't found a moment to take any photographs as yet, but as soon as I do...

    Jennifer xox

  3. Caroline - Buster was the 'family' cat and I had to leave him with Dad as Chris is NOT a cat person.

    Aw, thank you, Jennifer! I look forward to seeing the shell necklace.

    Laura x

  4. Hey, welcome back to the 21st Century! :-) Super sunshiney beads!

  5. Welcome Back! I missed you too.

    Getting lost going to the postbox, made me laugh, I got lost driving the other day, turns out I was only four streets away, but I thougth I was on a different street altogether!!

    I so need an iphone!

  6. Tee hee, hope you are finding your way round now and enjoying settling in!


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