Monday, 6 September 2010

CiM Testing : Sepia

CiM 'Sepia' Beads
I used to love Effetre's 018  Transparent Light Brown.  I say used to because I haven't used it for years as every time I buy a bundle it's not right.  I don't know if Effetre changed the recipe or formula but the 018 glass I've bought over the past couple of years has been more like Straw Yellow.  As a result I now have a massive stack of yellowy glass that is nowhere near as nice as the Transparent Light Brown of old.

But that doesn't matter because now we have Creation Is Messy's Sepia which is, dare I say, even nice than the Effetre Light Brown. Sepia is browner and has an ever-so-slight pinkness to it.

Sepia melts really well - it's smooth but not gloopy which makes it great for encasing.  The photograph below shows Sepia over a base of CiM Butter Pecan and they're decorated with Butter Pecan spots :
CiM 'Sepia' & 'Butter Pecan' Beads

This beautiful brown also looks great when it's etched.  Here are some Sepia beads decorated with CiM Chai polka dots :
Etched CiM 'Sepia' Beads

It's good to know that I no longer have to worry about ordering glass that is supposed to be brown but is more like a yellow as I know I can rely on Creation Is Messy's beautiful Sepia.


Glass Bead Art said...

Sepia looks beautiful etched Laura!!! Love the polka dots.. :)

Kc said...

Laura, they all look beautiful, love the smoky blue, gosh you have been busy!!

Sue Doran said...

What a coincidence, I just got some Sepia in my last glass order; I haven't used any yet though. I really like light coloured transparent glass for encasing so it's good to know it's great for that. Thanks!